hdrf5 ihs5b t5kh5 f7eri t5dy2 r2k73 8e5nk z2yds 2zia7 bf4h2 b4sek ez9tt 3r2t5 9dsyf 9h6hh 3isry dsiy2 z3hzf 4i2n5 rn888 e7f9d Lf web knife or web set |

Lf web knife or web set

2021.09.27 22:01 useless-memer Lf web knife or web set

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2021.09.27 22:01 stievleybeans September reads: books 46-50

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2021.09.27 22:01 Danceman2 Summoners Fate - Guide Part 9: Chaos Spells

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2021.09.27 22:01 No-Acanthaceae-9749 My shitty entities are ruining my life AMA

They give me the option: be sad and scared without them or believe in them and be uncertain if what they are doing is real or not (in this case saying that my school is useless because of psychic powers and then hurting me mentally and somewhat physically if I resist)

And no, this is not AI generated I am being serious (anything in bold is not serious posts) thanksthanks, xoxo (also this isn't a sad post I just want to answer questions instead of doing it in my inner monologue like I always do)
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2021.09.27 22:01 Aggravating-Mam2171 Healthy tail fins?

I've had my veil tail for a couple months and his tail has changed shape. Can't tell if it's getting healthier and growing out or if it's not healthy. Seems more spiky than most photos I see.
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2021.09.27 22:01 Cheap-Percentage-364 695$ sublease pointe at central, 4x2

3 guys , 4x2
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2021.09.27 22:01 Jukunella The result

So how do you think it will end?
View Poll
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2021.09.27 22:01 Summnita Got my Z flip 3 a few days ago, and it’s been pretty good to me! As a usual IPhone owner, I’m pretty impressed with it and the Android software.

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2021.09.27 22:01 WorldOfAtlantida 🔥 World Of Atlantida ♛ [Vanilla] {1.17.1}

WoA Server is meant to provide a friendly, fun and welcoming environment for everyone to engage in Minecraft gameplay.
Server IP address: mc.worldofatlantida.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/8EWAzny
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2021.09.27 22:01 Finesse_Houdini DJ Akademiks Speaks On Lil Baby SNEAK DISSING NBA Youngboy On Twitter

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2021.09.27 22:01 TatsumoriYuno How would you rate yourself as a pirate in terms of skill?

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2021.09.27 22:01 elveszett [Question] Trying to control a led strip with a NodeMCU and sACN.

Ok, so I'm pretty new to this and I'm quite lost here. Quite a long time ago I saw a guy on reddit that controlled a WS2812B led strip with a NodeMCU, sending sACN packages from a program.
I've investigated quite a bit but I guess I'm dumb because I found almost nothing about it. Basically I'd like to know if I have to install some sACN library on my NodeMCU and where that library would be. I'd like to know also if there's some tutorial or documentation I can read about sending sACN packages to control the led strip.
Any help would be appreciated. I know this is probably stupidly easy to do but hey.
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2021.09.27 22:01 ChunkyPuppyKitty Question

A potential returning player asked me this, and I have no idea how to answer as I’ve never heard of it.
Can you play the benchmark without a subscription?
I don’t even know what the benchmark is, I haven’t been paying attention to anything that isn’t events or farming for doggos.
Any help is appreciated!
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2021.09.27 22:01 clrksjoint Which species of pokemon would be most devastating to human life if it existed in our reality?

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2021.09.27 22:01 kmce2017 Default to unplayed

Maybe I've missed it, but is there a setting somewhere to default movies/TV to unplayed?
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2021.09.27 22:01 Adeem27 Who do you think are the most feared characters in fiction?

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2021.09.27 22:01 Thin-Hamster-8594 What now

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2021.09.27 22:01 AutoModerator [MOD POST] GAME ON! Are you ready for some old-time Blackhawks hockey?!?

Hey Hawksfans!

Hey, Hawksfans, it's been awhile! After yet another unusually long off-season, we're back for what we certainly hope will be an entertaining and productive season of Chicago Blackhawks hockey!

As is tradition, we're going to start the (pre) season off with a few reminders and some meta housekeeping stuff. it's review for the old timers, and a quick intro to how we do things here for all the new subscribers we've picked up over the summer. We let a lot slide over the off-seasons, and don't enforce the rules as stringently as we do during the season, so this is a good time to recalibrate everyone's expectations. I won't drone on forever, and it's important. So please indulge me just a few moments of your time.

* Please review the /hawks [posting guidelines & Rules of Conduct](https://www.reddit.com/hawks/wiki/index#wiki_posting_guidelines). There have been no material changes, aside from some cleaning up and clarification.

* Keep an eye on the sidebar. Check out [Hawks Marketplace](https://hawksmarketplace.reddit.com) for buying/selling Hawks tickets and stuff, and the [Hawks Bars page](https://www.reddit.com/hawks/wiki/hawks_bars) in our wiki, a catalog of where to watch the game in cities around the country/world. If you have a place you want to add, send us a modmail and we'll give you edit permissions on that page.

* The upvote/downvote buttons are not agree/disagree buttons. Upvote quality content/contributions, downvote off-topic content/contributions. Simple as that.

* On the subject of upvotes/downvotes, DO NOT DOWNVOTE BRIGADE OUR OPPONENTS' SUBS. Really. If you want to check in and see what the pulse of their sub is like, great. But keep your fings OFF the downvote button. Say NO to being a shitty fan.

* **DO NOT TROLL IN OTHER TEAMS' SUBREDDITS.** Seriously, just don't do it. Nothing good will come of it. You'll get banned there, you'll get banned here, and 24 hours from now no one but you will even remember what stupid thing you said to get yourself banned. Let your love of participating in /hawks override your desire to be an Internet Tough Guy™ in another teams sub. Say no to being a shitty fan. **Unless you're just wishing them luck/saying GG/or otherwise being a good dude/dudette, it's likely to be interpreted as trolling. If you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T SAY IT.**

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* Be excellent to each other. Treat your fellow Hawksfans with dignity and respect. No personal attacks, no racism, no sexism, no bigotry.

* Again, I implore you to familiarize yourself with the /hawks [posting guidelines & Rules of Conduct](https://www.reddit.com/hawks/wiki/index#wiki_posting_guidelines). No, really. READ IT. LOVE IT. LIVE IT.

The GDT bot will be up and running soon. If it gets to be an hour or so before gametime and we don't have one up, shoot us a modmail and let us know. If we don't respond before game time, go ahead and put one up, then dock our pay.

As he does every year, tirelessly and without fail, GuyOnTheLake will be putting together a flair request and replacement thread very soon. If you see Guy around the sub, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. In addition to the flairs, he's also solely responsible for keeping the sub looking AMAZING, now on TWO different platforms. He's put in a ton of time to make sure the place looks great on the redesign. Thanks, Guy!

Please keep your constructive comments and suggestions coming. If we're not doing something you think we should be doing or that we're doing something you think we shouldn't be, let us know. We're here for you guys.


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2021.09.27 22:01 MisterB3an If you had an hour to teach folks about media literacy, what topics do you think would be most important to talk about?

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2021.09.27 22:01 rayhavenoheart Duh! DUH! Duh!

They updated our pumps 2 months ago, since then when they update, they will randomly fail to load. It doesn't happen everyday and just usually to one pump. When this happens, the screen at the pump says Please Pay I side. 1. Customer comes in and asks if they need to pay inside. 2. Customer comes in and says card won't work outside and says Pay Inside, do they need to pay inside. 75% ask if that pump is taking cards, but MY favorite are the repeat Customers who come in and ask everytime it happens to them. No, I think your card is special, it should work!!!
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2021.09.27 22:01 Dorex_Time Ah yes TempBot

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2021.09.27 22:01 t1zzlr90 What's the difference between hip pain and sciatica? - I feel pain in my butt nearly constantly and I don't know why (pigeon poses hurt too for some reason)

I have this pain in my butt, literally, that kind of comes and goes but it tends to linger on. Rarely do I go a day without feeling it. I feel it at the base of my glutes mostly which I've read is related to sciatica and spine issues, but I also get pain at the top of my glutes, at the side where my hip flexors are, and embarrassingly I also get a little pain near my rectum depending on the time of the month (yes, in that sense) which worsens the rest of the pain.
But the odd thing is that despite this I have no stiffness and retain range of mobility, I just feel a burning sensation and discomfort. When I tried several types of pigeon poses as a part of a work out routine I don't strain to reach them as I've always been pretty flexible because I've done martial arts most of my life. But when I do them the pain in the base of my glutes starts to get irritated, and when I get up it kind of throbs a bit? It's almost like a burning sensation.
I used to do karate but I've been out of commission a few years because of college. Some pain in my hips and knees started to set in while I was still training but I was younger and chose not to worry about it. I've tried exercising again and doing some basics, but the pain doesn't go away.
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2021.09.27 22:01 Raven094 [Report] King of Pauper @ Casa dei Giochi, Milan (26/09/21)

Yesterday I went to Milan to play in the King of Pauper tournament and I made a small report of my experience. You can find it here:
I hope you enjoyed it!
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2021.09.27 22:01 CapivaraImagilhamer Já ta demorando né dona Jazzb?

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2021.09.27 22:01 Post-YouTube Published on YouTube: ABORTION Up To Birth Passed By Democrats | Details EXPLAINED

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