Monday afternoon bathing my little jungle

2021.09.27 20:47 themilkyone Monday afternoon bathing my little jungle

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2021.09.27 20:47 Razzooz Manbunulo bestower of the boss music.

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2021.09.27 20:47 Tiny_Ad_2482 Owned this game for 2 years decided to install it after trying to login for 3 days finally got in! Only to be waiting 1-2 Hours now for a match?

Just curious what i'm suppose to do interested in trying to game, Preferably as a newcomer as I know nothing of it Ive been trying to search for a newcomer match for over 1:40 minutes Been doing 15 minutes then cancel then start again.
Am I doing something wrong.. Is there a way to look for games in different regions or something.. Kinda hard to get into a game when theres this much Gripe involved in just playing it.
Assistance would be appreciated
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2021.09.27 20:47 A_Blue_Apple_Pie Help

Look at my previous posts about this on my profile but how would I tell them about it or ask them if they could put more effort in? Cos I wanna do it politely and not sound blunt or mean
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2021.09.27 20:47 Atagxd22 Usuarios de Reddit: ¿Alguien ha abandonado la escuela? ¿Al final se educaron solo o hicieron otras cosas? ¿Cuál fue el motivo?

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2021.09.27 20:47 Splooie04 New pack of ham always smells like fart.

Funny isn't it? We're very precious about how we don't want anything to do with America's chlorinated chicken. But we unquestionably gobble down our cooked sliced ham that somebody has clearly guffed in, right at the end of the production line before sealing it up.
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2021.09.27 20:47 mtempissmith The Gods Of Sewing They Be Smiling On Me...😁

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2021.09.27 20:47 gdubrocks Augmented crystal rod doesn't work at Croessus

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2021.09.27 20:47 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-lucio-anneo-seneca-40

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2021.09.27 20:47 SomeCoolCleverName Makes sense

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2021.09.27 20:47 Theheroinsoulja What is the deal with these? I can’t find a single word about this model. 0 sales records online either. Im aware the original 1/50 pair but could this possibly be a sample? I heard nike typically orders 250-300 pairs for a sample run in different designs and there is a 2nd lord quas version..

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2021.09.27 20:47 skier313 Investment Thesis: CO2 GRO - GROW.V / BLONF
This will be my first post on here - wanted to give back to the community - hope you enjoy it.
As a ex-institutional investor and now full-time investor of personal capital, CO2 GROW is my largest holding. It is an ag-tech company with a solution that is easy to understand - both in terms of its benefits and the magnitude of potential upside.
Its CO2 delivery solution infuses CO2 into a covered grows' (e.g. greenhouse) irrigation system
Said a different way - instead of gassing CO2 into a covered grow, the CO2 is delivered through water in the existing irrigation system.

What are the benefits of this?
1) the vast majority of covered grows require either full-time or intermittent venting, making traditional gas CO2 either completely or partially ineffective - this means that GROW's solutions would the only solution for the majority of covered grow operations;
2) CO2 use through misting provides max benefits as it is delivered directly to the plant - testing (including customer feasibility trials) have shown a 25%-35% increase in plant yield and speed of plant growth;
3) GROW's solution provides a meaningful added benefit, which they call Perimeter Protection - the change in PH offered by its solutions significantly slows the spread of micro-pathogens (e.g. E. coli) - this is a major issue for covered grow operations;
4) reduced costs (for those that can even use CO2 gassing) - GROW's solution requires 95% less CO2 + lower power use;
5) the company calculates ~6 month payback period for cannabis growers and ~2 years for fruits, veggies, flowers.

So how large is the market opportunity? Globally, there are 600 billion sq ft of protected grow facilities. At $1/sq ft. this equates to $600B of revenue potential.
GROW has already established marketing/sales/operational partnerships in 8 major regions including US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Israel, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, and Malaysia
GROW has a significant strategic invesetor - Ospraie Ag Sciences - an established Ag-Tech investor (both public and private) who took a 12%, above-market-price private placement investment in August 2020 - for me, this investment provided significant credibility in the company, technology, opportunity, etc.
Over the last year+ GROW has won DOZENS of commercial feasibility studies
This includes one that just finished with Hidroexpo who has 3.8M sq ft of greenhouses, which is currently in negotiations - Hidroexpo publicly stated it was pleased with the results
This also includes a recently won feasibility for a "Major European Based Greenhouse Vegetable Grower" who has 100 MILLION SQ FT of greenhouse operations - this would equate to ~$100M of revenue
Again, these are just two of dozens of commercial feasibilities outstanding. Per the company no feasibilities have been decided. However, even if they close on just 50% of these feasibilities (or one of the very large ones), this stock has many multiples of upside, given its valuation of UNDER $20M
Providing additional credibility is the numerous small commercial contracts (which did not require feasibilities) GROW won this year, providing modest revenue, but additional proof that there is market demand for its solutions
These feasibility trials are global, reflecting the global appeal to their solution
Insider ownership is very high with management and board owning close to 25% ex. options
This is a very under radar opportunity - there is low liquidity and very little if no discussion of this company on Twitter, message boards, etc.
This is the majority of my investment thesis - please feel free to ask any questions and I'll try my best to respond
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2021.09.27 20:47 evaldez14 Teacher Reportedly Forced To Remove A Pro-Police Flag Because The School Deemed It A ‘Political Symbol.’ BLM And Pride Flags Still Allowed

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2021.09.27 20:47 Bigshrek64 Reviews shown

Does anyone have any idea how the reviews are chosen to be shown?
I have a bunch of repeat buyers, and some of them leave reviews of everything they buy. but for some reason it will show multiple reviews from one buyer but only show 1 review from another buyer, or a couple of my buyers it shows they left a review in my notifications and I can even read it but then they do not show up In my reviews on my profile.
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2021.09.27 20:47 pandibear My Free Company, ready to save the world. Commissioned Art of me and my friends. By Joe P. Artist details in the comments.

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2021.09.27 20:47 Gillian002 Deciding Trajectories. May I ask for your advice?

Hello sweet Redditors of SameGrassButGreener,
Hope all is well!
I posted on this sub a while back, and it helped me very much! I just wanted to ask for some of your advice, feel free to chime in with any words of counsel, if you wish.
I’m 21 years old, I hail from the low populated Central Coast of California. However, for the past year, I’ve been seriously considering moving to Maine, tentatively sometime between January and March of 2022. I’m looking to move to the coast of Maine, and after giving it some thought, likely to the southern coast area, likely to the town of Biddeford.
I’ve always been in love with New England since I was a child; my parents would buy me history books about US history and I would devour them and in the process, grew such a fondness for New England’s cultures, nature, history, education, etc. In particular, I just adore the coast of Maine for its beautiful nature, its lively little cities, the slower pace of life (which I think may be comparable to the Central Coast of California), the changing seasons, and the down to earth people.
So, I come humbly before you to ask what is life like on the coast, particularly in the aforementioned town (Biddeford), in terms of rental availability/affordability, arts/culture, nature, LGBTQ friendliness, public transportation, libraries, community supported agriculture, volunteering opportunities, local politics, etc?
I’m in search of a small to mid sized town/city with a warm community spirit, eccentric hippie vibes, walkability/decent public transportation, a strong maritime culture, a lively downtown, a sizable amount of young people and with proximity to nature. An institution of higher education, either within or nearby the town/city would be great! Does Biddeford fit this description? Is there another town/city I should consider?
Additionally, I would hope to maybe take some classes at Southern Maine Community College. With that said, I also wanted to ask if anyone here has studied at SMCC and what their experience was like? Furthermore, would I be able to rely on public transportation to get around?
Some other important points I should mention:

  1. There are other places that I am considering outside of Maine. Namely Eureka (CA), a working class city that I absolutely love with all my heart but I’m torn because I want to leave California to experience something completely new, plus I want to get as far away as I can from my stepfather (he has a good heart but I’m so exhausted of dealing with his excessive drinking, explosive temper, insistence that he’s always right about everything and crude ignorance, I love him but I’m so over it).
I’m also thinking of New Bedford (MA), I love the working class grit, maritime vibes and the strong Portuguese/Lusophone culture/immigrants (I am obsessed with the Portuguese language). The drawbacks is that it’s pretty expensive and the pace of life is comparatively fast paced compared to Maine and California.
Other places I am considering include Brunswick (Maine), New Brunswick (Canada), Rockland (Maine), Chuí (Brazil, see point 3), Harpswell (Maine), Portugal (🇵🇹), Newfoundland (Canada), maybe Baja California Sur (Mexico). Do you all have any recommendations?
To be honest, part of me is lost and is just desperate for an eccentric place to call home for the next few years.
  1. Currently, I have just over $7,000 dollars saved up and counting, since I’m currently working. I know it’s not a lot, especially with how ballooned the cost of living is these days, however, I hope that it could help cushion that stark reality: upon moving I’d be looking for a job and room/apartment with only my savings to get me by (I have no cadrivers license, credit score, social network/connections, etc). I would be starting my life over from scratch, a prospect that excites me beyond what I can express in words.
  2. Ultimately, my goal is to immigrate to Brazil’s southernmost city to make a positive difference in through local politics. Part of me wonders if I should just go straight to Brazil (the exchange rate and lower cost of living would boost my savings) but I don’t know if I would be ready for that yet. Nevertheless, it’s on the table.
  3. This wouldn’t be my first time living away from home, I’ve lived in a lower middle class neighborhood in the city of León, Mexico and I also lived by myself in the small, working class beach city of Morro Bay, California. I’ve been almost wholly financially independent since 17, paying for all my clothes, public transit passes, phone, cooking all my own meals, etc.
  4. My goal is to be able to work remotely one day, that is through freelance translating/editing/writing, but I understand that that is a reality that takes years in the making (and even then, there is absolutely no guarantee of success). But in the meantime, I would be more than happy to find a job happy, applying my experience from working at a plethora of different jobs/roles (public schools, international schools, health food stores, laundromats, cleaning boats at the harbor, museums, olive oil industry, sales, etc) while possibly pursuing higher education here and/or abroad.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, I really appreciate it! Sorry for writing so (too?) much. Have a beautiful day!
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I believe my suspension was in error because I made a legitimate copyright claim on someone who stole the thumbnail of my video. The thumbnail was originally uploaded on my channel, in this video. I had taken a screenshot of my game and sent this to a friend who would edit the thumbnail for me to use in my video.
The thumbnail was originally uploaded by me on my channel and then later that week someone else uploaded this thumbnail so I made a copyright claim. The stolen thumbnail uploaded here
I later asked him to change the thumbnail, which he did and forgot to close my copyright claim case. YouTube then terminated my channel without a second thought.
the channel that was terminated:
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2021.09.27 20:47 Big_Excitement4702 In a government office

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2021.09.27 20:47 Odesseren Taking Random Damage

I keep taking damage when I go to sell items and open a menu on my Sorceress so far..anyone else have this problem?
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2021.09.27 20:47 VisionMarine We will be at the IBEX 2021!

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2021.09.27 20:47 ghoulwithoutaname Asociación venezolana en Chile : es una crisis de refugiados.

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2021.09.27 20:47 Donpabloescobar Dentists’ Group Fights Plan to Cover Dental Benefits Under Medicare

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2021.09.27 20:47 Senior_Garage_9302 RM2 Cloud sync

Anyone else having a problem with the cloud sync feature? I'm not able to update my files on my desktop app. How do I fix this? Thanks
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2021.09.27 20:47 JosiBlabliblub Butterflies that are developing, or have developed. :) 🦋

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2021.09.27 20:47 Agreeable-Poet5415 Scientists are tracking an unidentified spacecraft traveling towards earth from Jupiter. Eventually the craft crashes into earth with nothing but a container with a message inside. What’s the message?

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