🦆FuckADuck launch today at 21:00UTC🦆 We are flying duck 🦆 Liquidity Locked 🔐 Great Community 👥 Real Gem 💎 Join Us !!

2021.09.27 22:19 heinaga1989 🦆FuckADuck launch today at 21:00UTC🦆 We are flying duck 🦆 Liquidity Locked 🔐 Great Community 👥 Real Gem 💎 Join Us !!

We are flying duck 🦆

We do not want to create a pump and dump coin, we are looking for strong community members who actually cares about this project and believes in the cause behind it. Our goal is to guarantee long-term success for us and all Duck holders💯

The project stands for transparency and fairness. no whitelists, no presales.

Backed by an experienced dev team and equipped with unique tokenomics, Our Duck aims to take the crypto world by storm. Join the telegram group now and be part of the community!

🚫 Unique anti-snipe and anti-whale features in place, to guarantee a fair and smooth launch, with minimum bot impact

Utility development:
🚀NFT platform where ad revenue will be used to buy back and burn to increase the price floor.
🚀 NFT minting utility and marketplace being built.

$1000 shilling contest 🏆

👉 Large and active community

👉 Devs doxxed and transparent

👉 Voice chats and AMAs

👉 Platform project in the works

👉 Locked liquidity

👉 Contract will be audited by Techrate

Buy/Sell Tax 16%

✅ 3% marketing

✅ 5% Liquidity

✅ 5% refections

🔥5% burn

🔥 25% initial burn

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2021.09.27 22:19 p0glord666 I just wanna argue so argue with me

I just wanna argue so say something in the comments and ill argue with you
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2021.09.27 22:19 Firm_Back_8370 help pls ;-;

Is there a plugin for LMMS that works like FL Studio's NewTone plugin?
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2021.09.27 22:19 SageModeJedi [SS] Skyward Sword HD Deserves More Respect

After listening to the discourse on this game over the last couple of months and playing through the remaster myself, I think Skyward Sword HD deserves more respect. The game fixes or improves most of the technical problems I had with the original game, specifically the motion controls and the constant interruptions for item descriptions and Fi. I found my latest playthrough to be significantly better than my original playthrough of the game, and I'm not really sure why Skyward Sword continues to get looked down on.
Yes, the game still has some design issues like unnecessary filler sections and bosses like The Imprisoned. Yes, this remaster of a 10 year old game probably should have been priced a little cheaper But the good parts of the game (great puzzles, dungeons, characters, and story) outshine the remaining bad parts by a lot in my opinion, especially with the quality of life improvements that were made, and I wish more people would start to recognize that Skyward Sword is not a bad game.
I made a video discussing my full thoughts on the remaster if anyone's interested. I'm hoping it helps at least some people start to see Skyward Sword in a better light.
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2021.09.27 22:19 prodbyvxc trippie redd x drake type beat 2021 - "mayday"

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2021.09.27 22:19 thecarlosmethod 25 Minute HIIT Workout

25 Minute HIIT Workout submitted by thecarlosmethod to workouts [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 22:19 kayayem [MOD POST] Glu Servers Down

Hi dolls, so obviously the Glu servers have been down, and back up, and down, and back up again since last night and this has caused a lot of problems in everyone's game. Keep in mind this is the UNOFFICIAL forum and no one here will be able to help you get your diamonds / K-Stars / dyes / SYS tickets, etc. back. The only people that have the power to do that are customer service so contact them in your app directly and open a ticket to get it back. You'll just need to have patience as this has effected thousands of people. You can check the OFFICIAL Glu forums for status updates as well: https://communities.glu.com/kim-kardashian-hollywood/categories/kkh-general-discussion
I've removed several posts this morning because they are duplicates about the same issues. Let's try to keep it to ONE issue so that threads stay up-to-date with the most current and accurate information, feel free to report about your same topic glitch in that thread but keep in mind we can't do anything about it here on Reddit. Sort by new or use the search function to see if your particular glitch has already been posted about.
Thank you to all the users who have been responding with the same information and keeping us up-to-date on what the moderators are saying at the Glu forum. I'm currently the only active mod here and I don't have the power to make anyone else a mod, and my actual 9 to 5 job is really busy today so I don't have time to keep up with much. Appreciate everyone pitching in while Glu works to overcome this issue.
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2021.09.27 22:19 leavescatterer [MAC] [2002] Trick or Treat Beat with Dexter

Hi guys! Looking for the old cartoon network Trick or Treat Beat Dexter's Lab game. With flash no longer being supported by browsers, I have no idea where to play it. I tried flashpoint but it didn't work.
It's this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HJwaf_KUV8
I'm on Mac OSX Big Sur.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.27 22:18 thegirlwhothinks22 Is there a lot of work stress going on?

Is it just me or does everything dealing with work seem so stressful this year? Is this really the backlash of covid or are things progressively just getting to be more hoops to jump through? I work with commercial and government HVAC contracts and have only been here for 2 years. Within that time I have noticed more and more demands for changing or providing information or just bending over backwards to make things work. It’s been noticeable. Is anyone else kinda feeling stressed on a day to day basis?
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2021.09.27 22:18 turnipwine The Eyes of the Wicked Shall Fail

The Eyes of the Wicked Shall Fail
![img](yb15ocgzs3q71 " \"May their eyes be darkened so they can not see And their backs be bent forever\"")
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2021.09.27 22:18 purecowboys [Request] Local food from OH, USA in exchange for anything!

hey y’all! i’m from midwest ohio, and i simply love exchanging snacks lol. i’ve exchanged with AUS and GER so far, and wanna keep the ball rolling! my city is known for its BBQ chips and Skyline chili, so let me know if you’re interested in our local stuff!
thanks so much :-)
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2021.09.27 22:18 mikkelnl Need some help regarding lipo batteries

Hi guys,
Been looking into the tech behind lipos and some friends tried to explain but I still find it hard to grasp. Mainly the C rating of a lipo dazzles me…
So to make it easy, would I notice a difference in my Rustler 4x4 vxl between these two batteries:
3s 5000mah 25c and 3s 5000mah 50c and 3s 6000mah 50c
Very curious what the difference would be running these in a stock rustler 4x4 vxl…
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2021.09.27 22:18 Firestardude The redditors shall have a say in it too

What is their name.
View Poll
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2021.09.27 22:18 DeadByDaylight94 Shadow went from 114 grams to 189 grams in just a few months. Gonna have to start waiting 10 days between feedings.

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2021.09.27 22:18 -queen_of_reddit- What is something to tell to a teenager who lost both parents and is on the wrong path in life?

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2021.09.27 22:18 Chaos_Therum Need opinion on something

So I have a bad habit of questioning myself and I just want to get some opinions on a situation to ease my mind.
So I met a girl on a dating app, we we're going to get dinner on a Sunday night but due to circumstances we ended up rescheduling earlier in the day to get coffee instead. I thought it would be pretty cool to bring a small picnic, nothing crazy just some cheese, and crackers real simple stuff. Well that went over super well we had coffee, I mentioned the food she was super hyped, we ate on the lakeside then later on she laid back and relaxed then slowly worked her way towards laying her head in my lap, we ended up sitting there and watching the sunset like that. We then hung out for a bit after dark, until I finally took her back to her house. We then sat at her house for like another 2 hours talking. Long story short that date ended up turning into 8 hours.
We then texted consistently for a couple days after that, she told me that night that it was the most fun she's ever had and easily the best date she's ever been on. I was trying to setup a second date the plan was to go to a small local zoo, then come over to my friend's house where I'm staying temporarily (I'm in between cities right now.) I wanted to get his opinion on her, he's my best friend and I hold his opinion in high regard.
After that failed due to her being sick, she was on painkillers due to that the situation that caused previously mentioned rescheduling which were making her sick or at least that's what she told me. I tried to reschedule for the next weekend we kept talking very regularly on the phone like a couple hours a day. When suddenly she asks why I want her to come over to my friends house asking if I just want to fuck her, I explain that's not the case there are three kids in this house my friend and his roommate and I'm sleeping on the couch even if I did want to do that there would be zero chance. And we could not go back to his place if that made her uncomfortable.
She then asks me how I would respond if she said she was asexual, I was honest and said that I couldn't date someone if there was going to never be a potential of sex that a healthy relationship needs a sexual element. She then says that then it's not going to work. This is after she specifically told me she wasn't asexual on our date after mentioning a guy who was that wanted to date her, and mentioning that she wants kids one day. I mentioned that I thought she was cool and would still love to be friends and she said that she can't be friends with someone that doesn't respect her choices and to not message again.
I've been running this through my head for like a week now and I can't get past the feeling that I sent the wrong message to her by wanting her to meet my friend and she just said those things to break my interest. It sucks since this was only the third date I've ever been on with someone and I felt there was some serious potential.
Any opinions? I'd love to get some third party input on this one.
TLDR; Woman told me she was asexual after a great date, and I suspect she got the wrong message when I asked her to hang out at my friends place and just wanted to kill any interest I had.
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2021.09.27 22:18 deadskin [Jones] Marvin Bagley III said he’s not surprised to still be a King. Said he’s where God wants him to be.

Full quote:

Marvin Bagley III said he’s not surprised to still be a King. Said he’s where God wants him to be.
Source: Jason Jones
nba's 3rd favourite punching bag is here. Not sure if that's a unintentional self-burn or an intentional one lol.
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2021.09.27 22:18 Enderpigman9 Genealogy of the Holy War question.

If a female character dies before chapter 5 but after they have been paired up, do you end up with her children or the replacements characters?
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2021.09.27 22:18 WeaponH_ [round 13] The only man who was standing for South America is Vargone (credit to /u/MathematicianTotal81). Remove one WWII leader per day.

[round 13] The only man who was standing for South America is Vargone (credit to MathematicianTotal81). Remove one WWII leader per day. submitted by WeaponH_ to RemoveOneThingEachDay [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 22:18 Nick_Rock IMMUNITY - Trust the Algorithm (Official Video)

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2021.09.27 22:18 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Jessie Cushing

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2021.09.27 22:18 Hydrax_ILTS So I've been trying to make a Hu Tao team but idk if I should use Kaeya or Rosaria so please let me know your opinion. (Both c0)

Which is better for Hu Tao?
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2021.09.27 22:18 ilove2eatmango Quiet places to eat my lunch on campus?

Does anybody know any quiet places I can sit and do my work and eat lunch on campus?
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2021.09.27 22:18 vinotauro Has anyone's S7/S7+ actually shipped from the sale?

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2021.09.27 22:18 ER777 Family Style Dinner Recommendation

Anyone have a recommendation for a place my wife and another couple can go enjoy a family style dinner ie.. order a bunch of smaller plates to share. A place with a unique vibe and good drinks would be a plus. Budget doesn’t matter. Thanks!
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