BOOSTED GIRATINA 10 SPOTS 5086 9259 7666

2021.10.22 09:06 ACE_Art BOOSTED GIRATINA 10 SPOTS 5086 9259 7666

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2021.10.22 09:06 Ok-Delay-7155 What is your favourite subreddit and why?

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2021.10.22 09:06 Akmagic123 My theory is Costa is trying to get cut so he can break off the UFC contract and make a mint with Triller

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2021.10.22 09:06 prspr28 Day 7, but going to a wedding tonight

Really proud of myself for making it to 7 days. I’ve had weeks long and months long stints here and there but the thought of never drinking again was too daunting, causing me to fall off the wagon. This time I’ve been taking the one day at a time approach and just loving the mental clarity, energy, great sleep, no hangovers, normal appetite, etc. I’m starting to feel. I don’t want to loose this, which is why I’m nervous about wedding activities I’ll be participating in this weekend. Tonight is the welcome happy hour and tomorrow is the actual wedding. Any tips on abstaining at a wedding? Please HELP!
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2021.10.22 09:06 EmNeeli I was rewatching clips from season 3, and indeed they like to reuse the same outfits, even for a scene that is now quite iconic 😂

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2021.10.22 09:06 Bettons Open-Leak : Juicy Flavour, Black Ink and Fineliner

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2021.10.22 09:06 pud_sweet-potato Blursed Table-Chan

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2021.10.22 09:06 Helpful-Forever7811 Very new to music production

I’m super new to production and have a passion to create something of my own. I’m at a block I’m not sure exactly how to do it I bought FL studio and I have 4 years piano experience but I don’t know where to start or how to learn. I know people just say mess around with it but idk it doesn’t really help.
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2021.10.22 09:06 N__00 i just need to vent and i thought this was the besr place to do so since it kinda fits the sub

hi, im 16F pan, my family is religious to an absurd point that i cant even talk to boys. let me give you an example my brother was picking me up from school and a guy from drawing class came up to me and asked me a question about an assignment, he didnt do anything he friendly asked me a question. so i explained half of it and saw my brother, i panicked because i knew hed get mad at me so i told him i was sorry and i had to go. when i got in the car my brother was yelling at me and asking me all these questions "who is this boy, why is he talking to you, why are YOU talking to him, you shouldnt be talking to boys, im gonna tell our parents about this and your other brother too". I wanted to cry and couldnt say a word, even when i tried to talk hed cut me off by saying "i dont want to hear your dumb excuses!". when we got home he told my parents and they obviously got mad aswell, i broke down and told them what happend. they took my phone for a few weeks with their reasoning being "you couldve ignored him and just walk away" and "you yelled at us". i recently asked out a girl i really liked, and she said yes so we hung out and didnt go on a date because i knew id get in trouble with my parents. weve been dating for 4 months now and im scared theyll find out were more than friends (she knows about my parents). i just want to be a teenager like everyone else and not locked up by my parents because i cant even look at a boy. i have a male friend at school aswell, he knows about all of this so he knows why i avoid him outside of school. just wanted to vent thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your day :) (oh uh english is not my first language so if u see any mistakes feel free to correct me ty)
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2021.10.22 09:06 GirLoFi I OD'd on antidepressants, now I get anxiety/paranoia when I smoke.

Is there any way for me to fix this?
It's been 4 years now and weed is still fucking me up. I used to smoke a lot with friends and I really enjoyed it, it was the first time I felt like I belonged anywhere as a teen and it was so much fun. Feels like the stoner version of impotence honestly. I'm embarrassed that I can't smoke anymore, I miss getting high with my pals. I thought this would wear off eventually but 4 years later its still happening. I suppose this could serve as a 'be careful with what you put in your body' type story but damn. I dont think it's just a mental thing because once I recovered from the OD I was relieved to be back in the ol shed with my boys, until I realised I couldn't smoke.
The anxiety only ever hits once the weed kicks in and every time I try smoking again I'm fully convinced I'll be able to just stay calm but I never can. Has anyone else had anything similar happen to them? Is there anything I can do?
Do I just have to accept a sober existence?
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2021.10.22 09:06 khas-sc Andrea Torres

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2021.10.22 09:06 Bidnessman05 What’s the percentage rate for solved homicides in Chicago ?

In Toronto Canada we get like 80 homicides per year . 95 % of those murders are usually solved. In Canada majority of the murders is usually targeted and personal which makes it easier to solve as oppose to Chicago were it’s harder because they just shoot other ppl for shits and giggles . I was told they’re like 800 a year and wondering if anyone can shed some light on this .
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2021.10.22 09:06 _Flying_Walrus_ What will your famous last words be?

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2021.10.22 09:06 monewalleg [EXCEL] How to create a loop that will increase a chart's plot area by 1

I am making an interception simulation within Excel and would like to make an "animated," chart. I already have plot data for four separate series, and also have a cell that tells me how many points total there are to plot based on when the simulation ended. My goal is to have a VBA code that, for all four series, progressively increases the plot area so the looks like it's animated.
For example, the chart would plot 1 X&Y coordinate for all 4 series then it would loop through and include one more point, so now two points are included in each series. Then it would, one by one, add another single row on the bottom of the plot area for each series until eventually, it hits the last plot point. For example, say the simulation ended at trial 674, I only want the code to increase the plot area one row at a time until 674 points are included for all 4 series.
Hopefully what I'm describing makes sense :) Thanks in advance for any pointers
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2021.10.22 09:06 Mission_Ad_716 VELOCITY - Few Renders with my car (Cycles)

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2021.10.22 09:06 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.10.22 09:06 britishunicorn Which True Wireless Receiver?

I use my BLON BL-03 at the gym and sometimes I wish they were wireless for convenience.
Are there any good TW receivers (and if yes, which one?) out there, preferably with aptX, or should I just buy some TWS earbuds?
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2021.10.22 09:06 Ok-Rich3186 WoollyDoge | Launching Now 🚀 | Earn 7% DogeCoin just by holding! | Auto distribution and Dividend payouts 💰

Woolly Doge is a type of Shiba Inu that is randomly born with a recessive trait that makes their hair very long, very fluffy and very cute! Woolly doges are born randomly and very rarely, and therefore cannot be created like regular Doges. It’s up to pure luck for a Momma and Daddy Doge to have a Woolly Doge in their litter. Celebrities spend 5x the price for these eccentric fur balls because of how rare and cute they are.
Woolly Doge is the fluffiest doge of the Doge family. He was the only doge in the family born with extra long fur, which makes him very rare and extremely cute. The rest of the doge family makes fun of Woolly, but secretly they envy him. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but to collapse on the floor and start crying when I look at Woolly Doge because he’s so darn cute!
Woolly spent his first days getting bullied by his brothers and sisters, especially Mini doge. They would bite him, and drag him around by his long fur coat, but they couldn’t hurt him because his fur was so thick! This has made Woolly Doge by far the most resilient of all the doges. One day, when Woolly was playing in the front of the Doge family’s mansion home, his jealous sister Mini Doge pushed him into the street, right in front of a speeding car! Woolly rolled into the cars path… ‘Skreeeeeeetch’ went the car! What happened next, made the entire Doge family drop their jaws. To their shock and surprise, the speeding car bounced off of Woolly Doge, doing a front flip over itself and landed perfectly on it’s wheels and kept on driving. Fearing for Woolly’s life, all the Doges ran over to see if Woolly was alright. Woolly Doge was LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Woolly Doge’s extra fuzzy fur acted as a shock absorber and didn’t feel a thing!
Tokenomics :
✅ TOKEN NAME: WoollyDoge
✅ Total Suply : 1,000,000,000
✅ 7% Doge per transaction for holders
✅ 2% Transaction Marketing/Buyback
✅ 1% To Liquidity
🔥 Why should you invest in WoollyToken🔥
✅ Verified contract
✅ Lp lock 1 year
✅ 💯 Safu NO dev wallet
✅ 100% community owned
✅ No rug
✅ Tons of Marketing plans
✅ Easy x100 Profit
The WoollyDoge team has a strong roadmap with big plans for growing the community, huge marketing pushes, giveaways and a smart contract audit just to name a few. between the pending btok application, and the 30k poocoin marketing budget our community will be excited they joined the woolly community.
Once this hits CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap theres a good chance you will regret not checking them out sooner.
Contract: 0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.22 09:06 Due-Hunter9566 Kurai Inu - 💎The dark Shiba Inu is here! - 🕒 Launching Now - 🔒 Liquidity Lock - ☑️ Verified Contract!! 🏆

🏆 Did you know there are also dark Shiba Inu's? 🐕
🐶 Kurai Inu is a sustainable Meme token, aiming to provide safety to investors through its’ own Decentralized Exchange and Private Dashboard! Buy, sell and trade on a Meme Project like never before!
💎 This cute Dark Shiba Inu is the NEXT GEM out there! Huge steps are planned such as NFT collection, Ecosystem, Partnerships and gigantic marketing! Come aboard this project will blow up the whole BSC!
🎯 Experienced Core Team
🎯 Exchange Platform coming soon
🎯 Huge Marketing plans, cg, cmc fast track and trending
🚀 Tokenomics have been planned meticulously to provide security to our investors and create strong buy pressure! We have also introduced the incredible Kurai Boost Protocol – our Buyback mechanism – to increase the value of Kurai Inu.
❤️ Do not miss out you are as early as possible! Come join the Community and to experience the next big project!
💰 Link Buy 💰
📖Contract: 0x3E369eE26f01c3bf03B8bE143a3166a68a8d4a0C
🥞 Buy Now :
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.22 09:06 Proud_Fix8076 #BITOP QUIZ #CONTEST

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2021.10.22 09:06 Existing_Studio_7174 Can I get a boy avatar with no tails animal ears

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2021.10.22 09:06 Pyrolinkk Evil Malina be like

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2021.10.22 09:06 pashag3g [Amazon] NOVA 3D Resin - Water Washable, 500g White $13.81 - Standard 1000g, Clear Green $23.82

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2021.10.22 09:06 eastbaycyborg Do not try to “casually watch the news” while on K

Mistake. Am having a bad time right now
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2021.10.22 09:06 Fantastic-Art-9636 Battle Arena Settings Preference?

So I started creating arenas recently and wanted to know other settings people use in their arena to have fun. I've played in my friend's arena multiple times but its always omega with no items. Usually I join my friend's arena obviously to play together. I do not mind not having items but just a stage and nothing more got pretty boring and having random Omega and Battlefield is cool but suffers the same as omega. I also got burned out of online so battle arena is the way to go. I have disabled most of the stages but turned on the hazards with Hallow Bastion in mind. I want the arena to have a bit of competitivness in mind, but most importantly fun.
The stages I have on: Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Final Destination, Dream Land, Fountain of Dreams, Pokemon Stadium, Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Shadow Moses Island, Town and City, Midgar, Yggdrasil's Altar, Northern Cave and Hallow Bastion. Not too much craziness and platforms might be on the stage or not. Of course we get the Hallow Bastion transformation at the end too and I also have the arena always on stock battle as well.
But what are your ideas/settings? Or what stages would you recommend? Currently 14 stages and would like to add maybe 6 mores just to have a perfect 20 and a healthy rotation.
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