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How to Write Calligraphy for Beginners with Brush Pen ✍️ Ribbon Style

2021.10.22 10:23 drawwithtorryn How to Write Calligraphy for Beginners with Brush Pen ✍️ Ribbon Style

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2021.10.22 10:23 mester006 Safety Car

Have ever had a safety car accident? If so, what happened next? If not, what would happen?
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2021.10.22 10:23 TiagoKeepItSimple Capturing VENUS Planet through an 8 inch Dobsonian

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2021.10.22 10:23 Lucky_Yolo Question for all you

What is the point of drinking so much water in a single day? I have been using this new smart cup to help me remember to drink through the day and I just feel like I have a ton of water just sitting in my stomach. Is this what they mean when they say stay hidrated?
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2021.10.22 10:23 Existing-Ad6731 Start-up Founders Roundtable

An inc 500 tech founder and I are hosting a Founders helping other founders Roundtable. No pitching and selling - just a group of founders brainstorming and helping though challenges and ideas. From partner issues to raising capital to exits- let’s share what have experienced. DM me for details.
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2021.10.22 10:23 Unessse She loves laying like that.

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2021.10.22 10:23 Shamsedinn WTS NA AR 45 C1 Kazuha, Hu Tao, Yoimiya and lots of fragile resin

WTS NA AR 45 C1 Kazuha, Hu Tao, Yoimiya and lots of fragile resin
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2021.10.22 10:23 NecroShell Real faces of Dc characters?

I remember there was a post sometime where somebody had used an AI or art feed or something like it to show what certain dc characters would look like if they were in real life. I wanted to show it to a friend but I can’t seem to find it does anybody have a link or remember what the title was called?
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2021.10.22 10:23 blackycatypro9808 Glitch fixed

the glitch i posted days ago has a fix, press shift. (glitch that xp bar, lava bar and lb disappears
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2021.10.22 10:23 Far-Zebra20 🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network on Saturday 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website: gigarocket.finance

🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network on Saturday 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website: gigarocket.finance submitted by Far-Zebra20 to CryptoMarsShots [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 10:23 Ok_Desk_2477 Little pink tail

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2021.10.22 10:23 multiversekid [H] THE HIGH QUALITY 1 YEAR WARRANTY SHOP! STREAMING SERVICES (Hulu with Add-ons, Private Disney+, NBA, HBO, Showtime, Crunchroll, Sling Total TV, Starz, and many more!), Office 2019 Lifetime, Windows 10 Pro, Private Tidal HiFi [W] PayPal, BTC, ETH, BCH

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2021.10.22 10:23 memoriesofcold Black candidates for US Senate smash fundraising records for 2022 midterms -- Third-quarter hauls raise hopes of transforming a body in which only 11 African American senators have ever sat

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2021.10.22 10:23 Fit_Bit_5101 Aryan Khan case court summary

All three, Aryan, Arbaz and Munmun were booked under sections 8(c) read with 20b (purchase), 27 (consumption), 28 (attempt to commit offence), 29 (abetment/ conspiracy) and 35 (presumption of culpable mental state) of the NDPS Act, after six and five grams of charas was allegedly seized from his friend Merchant and model Dhamecha respectively.
Aryan and Arbaaz were picked up on the dock itself and arrested. There were bloggers who were invited on that ship who saw Aryan and said he was standing on the line with the regular people, not even in the VVIP line. They have to go through security and bags are checked because drugs are not supposed to be brought onboard. So when these NCB people picked him up.
After that, they went on to the ship and arrested 7 other people. Aryan and Arbaaz don't even know the others who were picked up on the ship. They have no connection at all. I mean, that MumMum is a 39 year old woman from Delhi. But the NCB filed a joint panchnama for everyone calling it a "ship drug bust" and claim they cannot be separated. Then they circulated this panchnama in the media to make it look like those drugs came from Aryan since his name was on the form. So the initial days of media coverage was that Aryan was found with "13 grams of cocaine, 22 ecstasy pills, some charas and 1.3 lakh in cash."
Then it came out in court that Aryan had no drugs at all. His drug tests were negative. They say he had whatsapp chats "with a drug dealer named Achit." They arrested Achit with 2.5 grams of weed and then lied about the date he was arrested in order to extend Aryan's custody so they can "confront" them.
Achit has already been released. NCB didn't even show up in court to oppose his release from NCB custody.
Friday’s hearing: Argument on “maintainability”. The court cannot grant bail, they have to file their appeal on Monday in another court.
Monday: NCB hasn’t given its reply and wants more time. Moved to Wednesday afternoon.
Wednesday’s heading:
Desai for Aryan
None of the recoveries mentioned in the panchnama was from Aryan. If he did not have cash, he had no plans to purchase. If he had no substance, he was he wasn't going to sell or consume. the embargo for bail under section 37 of the NDPS Act would not apply as no recoveries were made from him and all the allegations pertain only to small quantities. the prosecution is relying solely upon certain alleged WhatsApp chats to entangle him in the present proceedings, without the veracity or accuracy of chats being established. They just arrest anyone and then say one is a supplier, financier and then apply conspiracy." This is a very serious term that they have dumped on Aryan Khan. I have no doubt that my friends know what is illicit trafficking according to the NDP have no doubt that my friends know what is illicit trafficking according to the NDPS Act means…This boy had nothing, he was not even on the vessel. Aryan is booked under sections 8(c) read with 20b (purchase), 27 (consumption), 28 (attempt to commit offence), 29 (abetment/ conspiracy) and 35 (presumption of culpable mental state) of the NDPS Act
Lecturing the court on illicit drug trafficking etc; insisting chats are about drugs with Arbaaz. Quantity doesn’t matter; Khan is involved in the illicit "procurement and distribution" of contraband, and further he was in touch with some persons abroad who appear to be a to be a part of an International Drug Network for illicit procurement. (Has been saying this since Sunday; probably because as he has NO info to give.)
Latest Update: Thursday’s hearing highlights: - everyone waits from 11:30 AM (ASG is busy). A totally random person shows up claiming to be a social worker lecturing the court on ill effects of drugs. Intervention is objected by manshinde’s jr lawyer. Intervention rejected by court.smiley8

-The mobile phone was seized but there is no seizure panchnama (then they say it’s voluntary submission!) -crucial investigation as regards to Aryan was completed on October 7 and further custodial interrogation was not necessary. There was no statement recorded except the one of October 4. -ASG givens random moral lecture on drugs, youth of India, Mahatma Gandhi & Gautam Buddha
Order reserved till 20th October
live court updates here
UPDATE- 20th Oct - bail rejected 😡
pdf copy of Court Order
Copying my other comment as I can’t figure out how to pin the comment (links from reliable and credible sources)
Live Law
will Aryan be released? Quint
SC advocate on case
YT vlogger at Cruise
Why arrest itself is a sham and not legal:
NCB can’t hand over accused to anyone after the arrest. It is a punishable with imprisonment for minimum 10yrs under Sec 59 of NDPS Act which is about failure of officer on duty.
One of the witnesses used by Wankhede is a BJP person; and the other an absconding criminal with multiple fraud cases against him. They had literally handed over to these guys
In conversation with Film Critic Raja Sen, Political Analyst Sandip Ghose, Former NCB DG BV Kumar, Congress's Sachin Sawant, and Senior Journalist Sudhir Suryawansh, link below:-
NDPS act and Aryan Khan explained
You can verify by going through the actual handbook.
Also: Wankhede has been using same witnesses in multiple cases, like this Fletcher guy who is a family friend .
According to Section 100 (4) of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act, “The officer.. shall call upon two or more independent and respectable inhabitants of the locality in which the place to be searched is situated or of any other locality if no such inhabitant of the said locality is available or is willing to be a witness to the search…
The witnesses MUST be independent which means not known to the NCB beforehand which could make them Biased. So far, we've had a BJP Leader, Wakhende's close friend & An absconding private detective with a warrant against him. I don't know how this case even makes to trial just based on this. It should be thrown out just based on these
PS - These updates were posted by me with help of others friends on India forums. We have a thread for following official updates regarding the case and we update regularly. I have posted this here as well on request from someone on Reddit & few other members who would like to follow updates. Thanks ![Click Here](https://hindi.livelaw.in/pdf_upload/aryan-khan-bail-order-mumbai-special-ndps-court-402642-402659.pdf)[Click Here](https://hindi.livelaw.in/pdf_upload/aryan-khan-bail-order-mumbai-special-ndps-court-402642-402659.pdf)
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2021.10.22 10:23 Montana-Mike-RPCV Best Syndicate US West server?

The taxman is a bit high on Riallaro with Green in control. Any Syndicate power house servers in the west?
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2021.10.22 10:23 sana6531 Buy Ambassador Bed Frame in all Fabric/Sizes | Hugo & Sons

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2021.10.22 10:23 TheMoraleBooster [New Player] What kind of pawn should you look for to transfer into a Psycaster?

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2021.10.22 10:23 Ok-Rich3186 WoollyDoge | Launching Now 🚀 | Earn 7% DogeCoin just by holding! | Auto distribution and Dividend payouts 💰

Woolly Doge is a type of Shiba Inu that is randomly born with a recessive trait that makes their hair very long, very fluffy and very cute! Woolly doges are born randomly and very rarely, and therefore cannot be created like regular Doges. It’s up to pure luck for a Momma and Daddy Doge to have a Woolly Doge in their litter. Celebrities spend 5x the price for these eccentric fur balls because of how rare and cute they are.
Woolly Doge is the fluffiest doge of the Doge family. He was the only doge in the family born with extra long fur, which makes him very rare and extremely cute. The rest of the doge family makes fun of Woolly, but secretly they envy him. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but to collapse on the floor and start crying when I look at Woolly Doge because he’s so darn cute!
Woolly spent his first days getting bullied by his brothers and sisters, especially Mini doge. They would bite him, and drag him around by his long fur coat, but they couldn’t hurt him because his fur was so thick! This has made Woolly Doge by far the most resilient of all the doges. One day, when Woolly was playing in the front of the Doge family’s mansion home, his jealous sister Mini Doge pushed him into the street, right in front of a speeding car! Woolly rolled into the cars path… ‘Skreeeeeeetch’ went the car! What happened next, made the entire Doge family drop their jaws. To their shock and surprise, the speeding car bounced off of Woolly Doge, doing a front flip over itself and landed perfectly on it’s wheels and kept on driving. Fearing for Woolly’s life, all the Doges ran over to see if Woolly was alright. Woolly Doge was LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Woolly Doge’s extra fuzzy fur acted as a shock absorber and didn’t feel a thing!
Tokenomics :
✅ TOKEN NAME: WoollyDoge
✅ Total Suply : 1,000,000,000
✅ 7% Doge per transaction for holders
✅ 2% Transaction Marketing/Buyback
✅ 1% To Liquidity
🔥 Why should you invest in WoollyToken🔥
✅ Verified contract
✅ Lp lock 1 year
✅ 💯 Safu NO dev wallet
✅ 100% community owned
✅ No rug
✅ Tons of Marketing plans
✅ Easy x100 Profit
The WoollyDoge team has a strong roadmap with big plans for growing the community, huge marketing pushes, giveaways and a smart contract audit just to name a few. between the pending btok application, and the 30k poocoin marketing budget our community will be excited they joined the woolly community.
Once this hits CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap theres a good chance you will regret not checking them out sooner.
Contract: 0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0xD12Fa052E39ceB59E2bd101D49E499C91592d85a
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa07b41fe4fac83d1a194106173f69c3b32dfc777#readContract
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2021.10.22 10:23 Conclusion_Winning Readings in DC area?

Long story short, my dear aunt passed away and my grandmother is sure it was not of natural causes. I was going to call on Ochani Lele but just realized he is an ancestor now. I’m looking for someone in the DC area to help with this, it is slightly urgent as we feel a distant family member is disgruntled with my grandma and is causing this all.
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.22 10:23 ShamefulElf A delivery my brother got, the box compared to the contents.

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2021.10.22 10:23 Ankdammen2 Twitter: Vår algoritm lyfter fram högerinnehåll

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2021.10.22 10:23 whowasinparis_ Has anyone done a giftcard trade recently?

I had read a Roblox tos update about disallowing giving/receiving giftcards to friends/family or through giveaways. Just wanna make sure nothing happened to anyone's account after redeeming a giftcard.
Also, do you get the giant noob accesory after redeeming it along with one of the Halloween accesories or only one of them? (Like the ones here)
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2021.10.22 10:23 D-Stratt Jayne Mansfield & Dennis Hopper, Mid-1950s

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2021.10.22 10:23 bigrigging It’s almost open season on Reds again

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