I recorded this whole album drunk af

2021.10.22 08:50 SuperEvilPackage I recorded this whole album drunk af

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2021.10.22 08:50 cecrouch01 Watermelon Man Euphonium Arrangement

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2021.10.22 08:50 biorogue mediamolecule https://twitter.com/mediamolecule/status/1451503600165744641 mediamolecule

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2021.10.22 08:50 ShortAlgo $TSC Waiting for Short signal on TSC https://t.co/6b33zjHI76

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2021.10.22 08:50 Diufragidgascer CelinaPowell perfect skill BJ <3

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2021.10.22 08:50 norulespls Regierungswechsel, Merkel verfehlt Kohls Amtszeitrekord wohl um wenige Tage.

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2021.10.22 08:50 moonpie_1987 Recently painted this pot with a Mario piranha plant and decided to use it as a cache pot for my Aloe.

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2021.10.22 08:50 DP_MAN Yandere's Change Of Heart ASMR [Yandere] [Reverse-Comfort] [Possessive] [Willing Listener] [Apologetic Speaker] [Crying] Script:https://www.reddit.com/r/ASMRScriptHaven/comments/p0io03/a4a_a_yanderes_change_of_heart_yandere/

Yandere's Change Of Heart ASMR [Yandere] [Reverse-Comfort] [Possessive] [Willing Listener] [Apologetic Speaker] [Crying] Script:https://www.reddit.com/ASMRScriptHaven/comments/p0io03/a4a_a_yanderes_change_of_heart_yandere/ submitted by DP_MAN to ASMRScriptHaven [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 08:50 MrFitzGe Looking for Axiom Wrath in Neutron plastic

Would also go for a Fission Tesla. Not too particular on the weight and the condition would ideally not be too bad.
Would be willing to pay for shipping to Germany or the UK!

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2021.10.22 08:50 Pasko70 Pancakeswap swapExactTokensForETH

Hi guys,
im trying to create a contract that is able to swap tokens with the pancakeswap interfacce. Im using the function: swapExactTokensForETH
When i use the function with bscscan write contract, it works like a charm. But my code doesnt.

Code Snipped

Working Function
In both cases i approved the pancakerouter the value i wanted to swap.
During gas estimation i get an error from the TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED if i try to swap with my contract.
Thanks you guys in advance
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2021.10.22 08:50 Wokebro369 Buddhism, reality as a simulated ‘matrix’, and the lotus as representation of sacred geometry - interconnectedness in one beautiful flow with self as the driver of spiritual growth towards enlightenment

An epiphany I just had relating back to my focus on the lotus flower as Buddha’s primary symbol, which also happens to have an intimate connection with the lotus meditation position and the body literally shaped like a lotus from the same viewpoint.
Taking that fundamental axiom of the practice and then attempting to apply it to the seemingly synced aspect of reality with various tests of the patience and right mindedness ad infinitum - brief moments throughout one’s day that are simply opportunities to acquire positive karma through reacting to them according to the Buddha mind, as opposed to the common response of annoyance and impatience, or some other combination of angepassion/ignorance.
Now interconnecting each of these ideas, perhaps we see the concept of sacred geometry in the lotus as a reference to the fact that our reality is largely based on this manifestation of matter into geometrically perfect forms, and the Buddha nature acting as the beacon of wisdom for consciousness to act with right mind as a direct connection to that subjectively simulated nature of reality, which mainstream often refers to as the matrix
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2021.10.22 08:50 BoominSheep Me when

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2021.10.22 08:50 schneckenkuchen Kosteneffizientes Warmwasser

Lieber Schwarm,
unter einem anderen Post habe ich in den Kommentaren gelernt, dass Warmwasser über die Heizung kosteneffizienter als mit einem Durchlauferhitzer sein soll. Stimmt das so pauschal? Gibt es Einschränkungen? Und überhaupt: wie versorgt man sich am Kosteneffizientesten mit Warmwasser? Ich übernehme wohl bald eine selbstgenutze Immobilie in der zwei Bäder an der Heizung und ein Bad an einem Durchlauferhitzer hängen. Die Idee vom aktuellen Eigentümer war, das Warmwasser der anderen beiden Bäder auch auf Durchlauferhitzer umzustellen und die Heizung dann im Sommer auszuschalten. Es ist eine reine Ölheizung mit neuem Brenner. Was haltet ihr davon?
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2021.10.22 08:50 Potentlyperverse Green mega Zerg xfered to our server…

Our happy little server was invaded by several green Zerg companies.
It’s a little sad, we had a fair map, the money making zones supplied cash for upgrades to all the other zones, taxes were all set to low.
We had rules about letting people duel outside towns, not offline decking zones, we would allow people to run pvp quests in SM to gear up.
Server health was our main priority, we wanted to see this game flourish, we did everything we could to ensure stability.
I’m comes this 3 guild green Zerg alliance. They don’t play during the day, that’s when they sleep. They deck zones at night. Won’t allow duels outside towns. Sadly they are now turning the map green.
I watched the guys stream tonight, curious about the alliance. They literally had to leave their last server because they flipped the whole map green and there was no one to fight anymore. They didn’t learn the first time, and now they are doing the same thing here.
It’s a damn shame, this server was to be a shining utopia for non streamers and people who had lives.
Tomorrow we are going to rally and take back our server. If it doesn’t work…well. We all got free xfers, and they’ll be stuck in the same situation they were in before.
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2021.10.22 08:50 Randor21 Korra vs Delsin Rowe (Avatar vs Infamous)

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2021.10.22 08:50 C4ctusBen My Vex goblin Titan for Festival of the Lost

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2021.10.22 08:50 Addhyan_Garg Its showtime

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2021.10.22 08:50 Tasha_wit Balancing Chemical Equations Gizmo (answered) 2021, all answers correct

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2021.10.22 08:50 junoisanidiot Moral lesson.

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2021.10.22 08:50 ColbyCovin Tesla model 3 #suggestion #trending #shorts #india #new #shortfeed

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2021.10.22 08:50 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Olivia Rodrigo

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2021.10.22 08:50 FragrantArmadillo_ Saying I was excited is an understatement

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2021.10.22 08:50 prithymstick Moustache nicknames - humorous or otherwise…

Hi all, new moustache grower here. Getting a lot of questions so far and I’m looking for some light-hearted terms to refer to it with eg flavour savelip tickler etc. Any good ones? Cheers!
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2021.10.22 08:50 0xF3C86 Is my aquarium overstocked?

I have a 15 gallon aquarium with an aquaclear 20. The fish I have are 6 cherry barbs and 3 otocinclus affinis.
Some more info on the tank:
I added a prefilter and extra media to the filter
Nitrate always around 10 ppm
The tank is around 6 weeks old and fully cycled
Tank is heavily planted with CO2 and medium light
The cherry barb group consists of 3 males and 3 females, they are still pretty young all being around an inch long.
No aggression at all from the cherry barbs. The otocinclus are doing well too so far.
Aqadvisor says the tank is fine like this and I think the plants help as well. But will my tank be overstocked when the fish grow larger, should I maybe upgrade the filter?
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2021.10.22 08:50 Turbulent-Sorbet9125 Relatable

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