BYSI🚀: Shorts In & Out..🧐😳😂

2021.10.22 11:02 Scan8 BYSI🚀: Shorts In & Out..🧐😳😂

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2021.10.22 11:02 0ahu Remastered games feel hollow and empty and you really are missing something from the original release (lost in translation/modernization).

I am happy more attention is being brought to the GTA III/VC/SA OG trilogy but I would argue that artistic decisions were made based on the then-limitations of the consoles. They literally designed the worlds and art of the game around PS2 limitations. In many ways, "remastering" to this extent is essentially like the Mona Lisa being turned into a panoramic. Da Vinci made the piece for a single canvas and any attempt to "improve" it by placing it in a panoramic or into a 3D environment will have an uncannily empty feel.
I get that many are without a PS3 that can play PS2 games like myself, but I find it very telling that gaming is clearly a form of art which has yet to be respected as one. It would be like recreating the Dark Side of the Moon with "modern" instruments -- or even a the live-action version of Mulan versus the animated (because live-action "is more realistic").
There should be an emphasis on archival and the means to play originally-released games as-is. Whether through new hardware which emulates old hardware or whatever. Look at Among Us and Minecraft -- clearly there is a zero issue with "retro"/"simple" graphics.
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2021.10.22 11:02 TROLOLOLOLOL0LOL DWAC halted again 🤟🤮

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2021.10.22 11:02 GameOnBrother Haunted Chocolatier Isn't the Only Game the Stardew Valley Creator Is Working On

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2021.10.22 11:02 phillyhiker9 Yeezy Waverunner QC

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2021.10.22 11:02 pizzalover113 Crypto Very Good!!!

Crypto very good and the future. Center bad and decenter great. Satoshi is god and BTC is king so just buy and HODL. FOREVER. (stake cool as well for other crypto). Blockchain tech amazing and super big brain. You can even buy painting with that now. Most people dont understand the tech and me too but I don't care I just buy.
Boomers don't know crypto yet but everybody will in the future so buy know and be rich with lambo in the future. Your grandchildren will say "Thanks" but if you dont HODL they think you are stupid and thats bad.
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2021.10.22 11:02 TheOldWikiHow Tell The Vision (only Pop Smoke) x Freestyle 4

Yes, I'm being serious.
Someone please do it I'm too lazy to.
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2021.10.22 11:02 Raandomu Jungle:"Stop stealing MY jungle"! Top lane Cinderace:

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2021.10.22 11:02 Candid_Impression_10 w/f/l

me:corrupt, gemstone, c saw, c fang them: winter2020
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2021.10.22 11:02 rulesforrebels @binance: It's time for lesson six of the #BinanceLearnAndEarn with @OfficialSSLazio. Today we're deep-diving into #Binance Fan Tokens. Go➡️

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2021.10.22 11:02 achilles Rotors with holding screw, is it dangerous not having that screw in?

Previous brake job didn't use the right rotor with the screw hole. About to do brakes on front and am worried that screw wasn't put back. Is it actually unsafe to drive without that screw. I realize It's not a good idea in terms of rust but does that screw have any mechanical purpose other than making that brake job easier?
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2021.10.22 11:02 LiliumMoon Favorite non-single from Fever Dream?

Answer after you’ve listened to the whole album! Feel free to explain your reasoning in the comments.
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2021.10.22 11:02 Miakle16 Sunsets with your Audi are soothing

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2021.10.22 11:02 elongated-muskrat- Ah, makes sense. We're the Netherrealm of Africa

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2021.10.22 11:02 sam-sng2 Ils ne voulaient plus aider les sans papiers: démission collective des bénévoles aux Restos du cœur de Fréjus

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2021.10.22 11:02 Whey-Men Demilitarize the Police. The use of military equipment by police is a symptom of a larger problem: an “us versus them” mentality.

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2021.10.22 11:02 AbundantResources r/nfl needs to be banned from Reddit

nfl violates everything Reddit stands for. The moderators do not follow their own rules. They approve, disapprove, and ban people based strictly upon their own childish WHIMS.
nfl is running a BUSINESS on Reddit with moderators acting like juvenile dictators with your FREE content. They do not deserve your contributions.
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2021.10.22 11:02 yayalala12 Triton Warranty or Aftermarket Parts

So I bought a certified preowned 2017 Focus RS with 20,000 miles a month ago and I purchased the additional bumper to bumper Triton warranty for 5 years and an additional 75,000 miles. A month into ownership I am now thinking that I want to put an aftermarket exhaust, intake, Cobb access port which are all things that would void my warranty.
I am looking for opinions from everyone here if I should play it safe and keep the warranty or risk it by modifying the car. Any experiences that you have had with warranty’s or issues I would love to hear. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 11:02 Ok-Replacement-2828 Fit note - Full pay ? Uk

Are you supposed to get full pay after giving emoyee a fit note from doctor. After having a surgery or only SSP ?
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2021.10.22 11:02 FreeDwooD How to best create a college layout plan?

Most of my story takes place in and around a fictional college campus. For my own sanities sake and to keep the descriptions consistent I want to create a layout plan if the grounds and where each building is.
Sadly my artistic skills are absolutely dreadful. Is there any program/website that might make this easier or do I just have to find some pencils are get yo drawing?
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2021.10.22 11:02 Anzdyy Looking for participants to undertake study relating to how motion perception differs across various populations

Looking for participants to undertake study relating to how motion perception differs across various populations Task -
Questionnaire - to find personality traits relating to performance
Anyone aged between 18-40 can participate!
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2021.10.22 11:02 Icy_Plankton8281 Join group chat on Telegram

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2021.10.22 11:02 capppppppppppppppppp Help with Survey

Hey guys! I am a former IB student, graduated in 2017. I am currently working on a project in University that connects college applicants with undergraduates so that applicants can make a better decision on which universities to apply to.
I would really appreciate help in filling up this survey form if anyone's free. Thank you!
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2021.10.22 11:02 gentlemaninparis Tell me something interesting, cmon

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2021.10.22 11:02 pardonnntheuhhhhh Quick question about pain relievers

Hey everyone! This is my first post so i’ll make it quick - i’m 20, generally in good health, don’t smoke, and i drink maybe 5 times a year… i currently have terrible, unbearable tooth pain from wisdom teeth coming in ( inflammation, etc) and have been taking over the counter pain reliever for about 8 days now… i don’t get them removed until 2 more week, but have read that you shouldn’t take them for more than 10 days straight but this is literally IMPOSSIBLE! Please let me know if there’s anything else i can try, or if it is safe for me to take them for the next 2 weeks until the extraction… i never exceed the daily dosage, but am just a little paranoid about this 10 day thing…. thank you so much in advance !
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