6-Day DepoMedrol MedPack (for serous otitis media) dramatically increased HRV & lowered RHR. Sign of undiagnosed autoimmune disease?

2021.12.01 13:02 NotedHeathen 6-Day DepoMedrol MedPack (for serous otitis media) dramatically increased HRV & lowered RHR. Sign of undiagnosed autoimmune disease?

Since beginning my health journey (I’m 38/F) in the name of Alzheimer’s prevention (mom was diagnosed last fall and we share the APOE4 risk gene), I’ve struggled with telogen effluvium, a severe shingles attack, fatigue, and inexplicably high triglycerides despite extremely low dietary sugars and no processed foods (trigs 152, A1C 4.9 and fasting glucose 76). I eat clean/healthy, powerlift and sprint 5 days/week, and practice scrupulous sleep hygiene.
Anyway, after a major sinus infection (not COVID as confirmed by one PCR and two rapid tests while symptomatic), I developed otitis media with effusion and was prescribed a 6-day tapering dose of DepoMedrol. By the second night of meds, my Whoop reported that my overnight HRV more than doubled from 30 to 61 (the highest it’s ever been in the year since I started tracking) and my overnight resting heart rate dropped from 60-65 to 52 (the lowest it’s ever been). Despite feeling a little light-headed from the DepoMedrol, I feel better than I have in a long time. I’ve also lost 4 lbs (147-142.8) since beginning the medpack, despite eating much more than usual and being unable to work out.
I’m wondering if this brief immunosuppression put some autoimmune condition into temporary remission, leading to my dramatic improvements? My family has an extensive history of lupus, Hashimoto’s, RA and other autoimmune diseases, but my symptoms have always been vague/mild. I often suspected something was awry with my immune system (for instance, the second Moderna dose led me to have a fever of 103 and caused acute kidney inflammation that put me in the ER overnight), but I’m wondering if this is my cue to get to an endocrinologist and test for ANA (after I clear the DepoMedrol)?
Would you take this as evidence of autoimmune disease? Or does DepoMedrol inflate HRV and lower resting heart rate for most people?
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2021.12.01 13:02 thumbs57 Starting this bad boy tonight, will have posts coming for the next 24 days

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2021.12.01 13:02 sithlord89 This is starting to get really ridiculous

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2021.12.01 13:02 StruzhkaOpilka Willis Huntley provided this solid evidence of how Hurk Drubman Junior took his part in development of Modern Warfare 2019.

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2021.12.01 13:02 ScannerBlurrily0 Without Marilyn Manson the world would never be the same.

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2021.12.01 13:02 Icy_Shock8909 CRTX looking bullish as fuck

Look how fast it recovered from that one drop
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2021.12.01 13:02 ConfidentAttention70 Hello My Fellow YouTubers


  1. We will subscribe to each other
  2. Will watch each other's videos, like, comment and share.
  3. Help each other grow organically
  4. Building a strong circle of friends and fellow serious YouTubers
  5. No need to provide SS just tell me your link when you are done
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2021.12.01 13:02 BillyBabel Is anyone else getting a glitch where most of the screen is off the monitor?

When I launch the game about 40% of the game window is outside of my monitor, and I can't go into options to fix anything because relic in their infinite wisdom won't allow you to navigate the options menu using only the keyboard, and I can't click on anything using the mouse and if there is a way to drag the game window around, I don't know how to do it.
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2021.12.01 13:02 Im_Saladchild [Offer] Three small Victorian scrapbook art cards [Europe to WW]

Usually when I go into town I cannot resist buying at least a few cards - it happened again :)
I have three small cards in a Victorian scrapbook illustration style looking for a new home:
- a closed wood-bound book with a bunch of forgetmenots (x2)
- a bouquet of white and pink flowers in a wicker basket (x1)
The envelopes are too small to be sent via regular mail, so I'll send the cards and their small envelopes in a bigger envelope. You can request the card blank so you can gift it on, or I can write a very short note about one of my favourite flowers on them (given their floral theme).
Comment below which card you'd like and PM or chat me your address once I've confirmed your choice. Thank you! :)
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2021.12.01 13:02 Courtney19941214 Ochem I final 12/7

Looking to have someone take an Ochem I final. Are there online services or anyone know anything. Need at least 80%. Will pay $40 now and $40 after grades posted. Must prove you aren’t gonna rip me off and answer an ochem question
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2021.12.01 13:02 zzfairy Trading or selling my baby penguin!

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2021.12.01 13:02 ShakedIsNotAFruit Til I'm in the top 0.1% of yearly rammstein listeners. how's your day going?

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2021.12.01 13:02 SnooConfections1064 Megasteelix 3332 3314 2516

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2021.12.01 13:02 round_plastic White

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2021.12.01 13:02 forkU_andU_andUUU That was too much wasn't it

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2021.12.01 13:02 DeMarquisJohnson #1 KSI fan???

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2021.12.01 13:02 KinkyCode PSA for 343; You don't need a BP to make money.

TLDR; Remove BP all together, lower overall price of in-game items to reflect value discrimination toward the differing cosmetic items, have a full shop-front for cosmetic items. Follow the working trends set by Grinding Gear Games (Path Of Exile) and Digital Extremes (Warframe). Cosmetic Stores are usually met with less backlash than FOMO battle-pass bullshit.
Okay so now that's out of the way, let me elaborate and go into detail on some economy ideas that I think can give the players content they enjoy and keep the cash flowing for the guys at 343, because at the end of they day that’s important to the lifeblood of the game and franchise we love.
Also, I wanted to say, this article isn’t trying to address the obvious fact: 343 DID NOT test or finish developing this game. They rushed it, they pushed it onto us for free so we would pay to test it (pay in the form of buying into addictive marketing practices). The lack of QA shows in almost all aspects of the game. The item I REALLY want to address is solely the BP, and more so, what choices 343 has to provide a sustainable model for themselves that isn’t at the expense of their players sense of agency and endearment toward the game.
There are two main points I think bring evidence to bare that H:I doesn’t need a BP to be profitable. One is the format of Halo doesn’t bode well to a progression-based marketing system. Two is that H:I could likely obtain more consistent revenue by simply taking all the content locked behind the BP and having them on a cosmetic market rather than earned in game.
The Battle Pass Do Not Work for Halo 3’s Format.
If you want your player base to have any trust or respect for you as a publisher / developer, you must respect their agency. The BP is designed to restrict player agency in many ways. This is not a flaw in its implementation, this is a flaw in the core design of the BP System.
The idea of the Battle Pass (Originating from the Season Tickets in Dota 2 circa 2013) was a means to do one thing, keep people playing matches in the game. Recently the BP system has seen popularity mostly due to the overwhelming success of Fortnite, starting sometime in 2018.
The Battle Pass we have now is terrible, in design, as it restricts player choice. What modes we play, what weapons we use, all of it is restricted by the idea of challenges. The rewards even don’t seem appetizing because the value discrimination for those items just is not there. I can’t justify hours of my time for a single pauldron. It’s just not a good system objectively.
Halo has always been a game of choices. What game modes do you like, BTB, Swat, Oddball, Zombies, Dodge-ball, Custom Matches with friends in custom forge made game-modes, Ranked 2v2, Doubles, etc. Choice made Halo a great platform. The BP, at it’s core, is not enabling players to make those choices. I spent 70% of my time in Halo 3 / Reach in custom games, and in the forge.
Cosmetic / Customization Options as A Product.
I don’t think anyone is against the idea of customization bits as a product that’s paid, especially when it comes to a free game. This is taking the stance that Multiplayer H:I is a stand-alone and free experience separate to that of the Campaign.
Path Of Exile is a great example of doing the cash shop done right. They have proven that the model works and needs not be predatory nor does it need to disrupt the player experience to be profitable.
GGG Annual Reports
If you present to players, transparently. All Cosmetics will be paid, as this is the primary method of supporting the games lifetime financially, I doubt players would riot in the streets. PoE makes no claims that customization options can be obtained in game. A combination of the honest communication, a steady flow of new cosmetic choices and purchasable account options, and a fair pricing model create a system that has sustained GGG and continues to bring them great numbers.
343 could (and should) sell armor cores, shaders, armor customization, etc as purely purchasable items. There is no need to have them pretend to be earned in game.
I never really chime in on topics like this via reddit, but given this problem seems so easy to solve on the surface and as someone who solves problems like these in my day-to-day life professionally, I find it hard to believe this was a ‘mistake’ I think what we is intentional decision mixed with PR folks trying to sell a product. I believe what we have was MEANT to be predatory. I just hope 343 has the balls to do something about it in a market where doing the right thing seems to be taboo.
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2021.12.01 13:02 throwawaydayo To my fellow born-ins who are atheists/agnostic now, do you think you would’ve lost faith in religion if you weren’t born a JW? I have constant “what if’s” going on in my mind and I feel like the reason why I don’t believe in God anymore is because I was a JW.

I’ve learned my lesson already and also have a sense of security that I won’t get “deceived” anymore by anyone as I used to believe Watchtower’s BS. But imagine if you were born into a “normal” Christian family instead? Would you still be an atheist? Or even become a JW??
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2021.12.01 13:02 Emotional_Health_340 https://discord.gg/ht7pu9bd

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2021.12.01 13:02 noorhan01 Was I ghosted?

Okay so I’m currently a junior in university studying finance and have never had an internship. So I applied to BlackRock back in August and then out of the the at the end of October they said I would be doing a first round interview. That went well so they asked me to move onto the final round of interviews, there were 3 final ones where I even met with the VP. During the interview he seemed to like me and even jokingly said halfway through after I answered something “okay interviews over you got the job haha” but then we continued. Anyways I thought they all went well but it’s now December so it’s been almost 3 weeks since that final round and I haven’t heard anything. I reached out a week ago asking about an update and have still not gotten a response. I’ve never interviewed for a company this big before, so is it normal to not hear back for so long, or was I simply ghosted and they hired a different candidate already? I would appreciate any advice because I’ve been really stressed about this situation as this is my dream internship!
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2021.12.01 13:02 No_Investigator_1892 Mobile app bug

I was about to order some food through the mobile app and use one of my rewards for a free side. But before I checked out I noticed the price was off; even though I redeemed the reward for my “free side” the price was as it had not applied to the order. So I removed the free side from the order and the total went back down to what it was supposed to be; thus making my reward completely useless because I’ll have to pay for the extra side regardless…
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2021.12.01 13:02 YouPlantTube Time to Get Away - Grand Theft Auto 5 Video

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2021.12.01 13:02 Away-Ad5654 🔥 Shiba Dragon 🐉 | Live at Pancakeswap📢 | Shiba Dragon next BSC Moonshot | Low Marketcap BSC Gem 💎 | Reflections | NFTs | PTE Games |

Unlike the rewards and rebase tokens we took the tried and tested old school approach with the Tokenomics. Reflection won’t kill the chart like rewards and once our NFTs and Play to earn Games launch there will be only green candles. Smart buybacks will be implemented to avoid dumps. Scheduled burns will decrease the supply and in return increase the value.
The Unique Game play will reward our holders with NFTs in the form of collectable items in the game. These NFTs have unique characteristics and value and will be tradeable on our NFT marketplace. It’s a combination of rewards and utility which will ensure steady price increase. We at Shiba Dragon made sure not to miss anything.
Our contract is bot proof and whale/dump proof at the same time. Our dedicated team of developers will create eye catching NFT characters. The game play itself will be interesting enough to keep the players engaged. First game has already been finalized and will be ready following the launch of Shiba Dragon. Afterwards the community will be given the opportunity to decide further launches from the list of provided Game options.
Here is the list of some Dragon Powers:
✅Coingecko Listed in 7Hrs
✅CMC Coming Soon
✅Shiba Dragon Reflections
✅Reasonable Taxes
✅Team KYC
✅Doxxed Audited Contract
✅Dessert Finance Approved
✅Verified Contract
✅Liquidity Locked for 1 Year
✅100% SAFU
✅Smart Buybacks
✅Auto Add to Liquidity
✅NFT Marketplace
✅Play to Earn Games
✅Scheduled Burn Events
✅Whale/Dump Proof
✅Bot Proof
✅ 7% Redistributed To All Holders
✅ 1% Automatic Liquidity Pool Refill
✅ 2% Marketing
Join Us Now:
BUY HERE : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x23b5fe46bc8789cc9fa7251254fe24ac5a165fe6
Contract: 0x23b5fe46bc8789cc9fa7251254fe24ac5a165fe6
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x23b5fe46bc8789cc9fa7251254fe24ac5a165fe6#readContract
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x9508e084295fdfd26F4d0AD4a275159053F4E852
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2021.12.01 13:02 6Guitarmetal6 Storm-stayed by Zack Berwick

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2021.12.01 13:02 Venom_2k2 Enter to win _dreamybubbles_ Surprise Kawaii Bag Giveaway (12/17/2021) {WW}

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