2021.12.01 11:56 Sad-Improvement6194 .

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2021.12.01 11:56 FlashySpread5356 [Repost since I worded my question wrong] How can I find dimensions that would give me the same geometrical properties?

To the left I have two similar T-profiles that have given geometrical properties (moment of inertia, radii of gyration, centroid etc). I need to combine the two into one bigger profile that will have the same geometrical properties. How could I go about finding dimensions of the new bigger profile?
I have been told I can use AutoCad, but im not sure how to go about doing it; I know I can use the command MASSPROP to find geometrical properties of any given geometry. Should I perhaps just try changing the dimensions of the new profile until the geometrical properties are about the same? - because thats the only way I can think of.
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2021.12.01 11:56 rocky5020 Trishyland Subdirect Statistics

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2021.12.01 11:56 Soft-Strawberry-6136 Strangers With Guns - Ireland [Acoustic Instrumental]

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2021.12.01 11:56 IonizedRadiation32 Sneak peak into Old Gods of Innistrad

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2021.12.01 11:56 Amatureme Why are you Single?

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2021.12.01 11:56 -MugenNoSora- Game files flags Danes, Bohemia, Hungary, Poland, etc

For those interested here are the other flags from the game folder : https://imgur.com/gallery/34C3n0L
Flags names: anglo_saxon danes grand_duchy_of_lithuania kingdom_of_bohemia kingdom_of_hungary kingdom_of_poland normans novgorod_republic
They are used in the campaign as far as I know but I have to say I really don't remember some of them like Poland and Hungary... Which mission do you meet them?
It's a bit weird because the higher res for normal civs flags is 1920x1080, couldn't find bigger in the game files, but those 8 flags have a 3840x2160 version.
I made a pack of the whole folder if anyone is interested (also contains the UHQ flags so the zip is 149Mo) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YPCrW1Y9eP6bQV1JwH8Gw_tuXjeXGn_3/view?usp=sharing
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2021.12.01 11:56 NeckNo5638 $PPSI hold

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2021.12.01 11:56 pIngo16 Dassault Mirage F1EM of the Moroccan Air Force [1280x853]

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2021.12.01 11:56 MercenaryToaster When I go to school, I always _______.

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2021.12.01 11:56 WannoHacker TfL halts road safety ad after ‘victim blaming’ backlash from cyclists

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2021.12.01 11:56 darksaiyan1234 Who in chaos head has best disword

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2021.12.01 11:56 Broad_Caterpillar_75 How helpful of him

How helpful of him
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2021.12.01 11:56 Ok-Effort3594 international student research - chance to win £25

Are you a student from overseas studying abroad in the UK? If so, you can use your experience to help other students just like you - and have a chance to win a £25 voucher in the process! All you need to do is fill out the quick survey below about your experiences as an international student - all your responses will remain entirely confidential and anonymous and will only be used for research. Many thanks and hope you're having a great day! https://form.typeform.com/to/WgBbMkSF?typeform-source=www.google.com
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2021.12.01 11:56 Oncotte Question about account computershare

Good evening everyone!
I bought a share on give a share, they told me that the registration on computershare happens automatically. it will take a few days they told me.
My question is being Italian can I buy shares later on my computershare account? is a debit / credit / prepaid card enough? or paypal?
I would just like to know in advance so that I can find myself prepared!
Thanks to those who answer!
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2021.12.01 11:56 GoodPlus68 SOS Advice PLZ

I took November this was my second time taking the test after canceling my October score. I have been studying since May hard putting so much time and effort into this test and after getting my score back I am at a total loss of what to do. I've never felt more like a failure in my entire life. I got a 136 in October and canceled and now a 138 in November granted I took November on Friday and had a computer glitch on both sections of my LR. I am planning on applying for this cycle and just to local schools but really was aiming for a 155-160. I am all over the place if I should plan to take January and February or just take one or the other. Or I am thinking of now throwing in the towel. If someone could give me just some advice that would be great as I am a mess right now.
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2021.12.01 11:56 carsntools First try at using the "Scary Sharp" method for japanese chisels.

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2021.12.01 11:56 LedFarmer_ My PC randomly freezes while doing literally nothing or when gaming. Everytime that happens I have to take out the ram sticks, clean them and install them.

I've tried putting them in different slots, installing only one and no matter what combination I do the pc keeps freezing. Might my ram be dead? Is it the mobo? Any suggestions would be great
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2021.12.01 11:56 blahnche I like my desk to be more minimal but I thought y’all would enjoy these wintery vibes with my little Goethe bust figure.

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2021.12.01 11:56 cct03 Hey girls I’m cumtributing. Pm with instructions

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2021.12.01 11:56 NewsElfForEnterprise Digital-Displays Firm Daktronics Stock Rises After Jump in Revenue

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2021.12.01 11:56 firstfearer [NO SPOILERS] Alex portrait by RyhardArt

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2021.12.01 11:56 Holymolyhannah "Eat, drink and be meowy!" The Queen of Catsteros demands it👑😺 Another keychain

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2021.12.01 11:56 witcherthesix PS4 Pro Price sale price in Lahore

How much should I sell my ps4 pro for? Its in mint condition, has box and full accessories with 1 controller . seals are all intact as it has never been opened.
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2021.12.01 11:56 rodnyxo absolutely love this coat

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