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2021.12.01 13:01 greenlion31 Day 13: it’s in, we did it

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2021.12.01 13:01 JustAnotherUchiha Got my first kiss!!!!

I'm so happy... : )
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2021.12.01 13:01 DMHshadow RiceGum (certified bitch) is a certified bitch [6:24]

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2021.12.01 13:01 FCBitb I managed to interview Johnny Gioeli - Lead Singer for Crush 40 about his favourite moments, origin of the band name & some special announcements.

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2021.12.01 13:01 -Alevan- Wireless Display audio only mode

Is there a way to set up wireless display for audio only mode?
I have a Windows 10 notebook, with a crappy AC wireless module. As I use my tv as wireless speaker, I usualy connect with wireless display, to pass through audio to the TV. But my wireless module cannot cope with the added stress, and the audio gets choppy frequently.
Is there a way to disable the screen sharing and only have audio sharing with wireless display. This would ease this usecase.
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2021.12.01 13:01 Winged-Angel1972 So I’ve been trying to decide on a name. I really like Briana. What do y’all think?

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2021.12.01 13:01 Calaveradesing6 Kattylin, Me, Pen on Bristol paper, 2021

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2021.12.01 13:01 chairbornebg Ирландия въвежда изискване за отрицателен тест за всички пристигащи

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2021.12.01 13:01 lilacvortex My Date Took Me To A Theatre Performance And I'm Petrified from the Experience

I met Artem on a dating app. He was so charming on our first date at the cute café near my work. I was instantly attracted to his dark hair, broad shoulders and intense brown eyes. He was such a gentleman and kept me intrigued with his stories of his thrill adventures including bungee jumping in Asia and safari trekking in Africa.
Our 2nd date was a walk through the park with coffees last Sunday afternoon. He told me all about his work as a teacher and how he enjoyed living in the city after growing up in a smaller country. Our conversations flowed so naturally and I was excited to spend more time with him.

When he texted me after our 2nd date to go to a theatre performance late tonight, I was so excited. Most guys are always planning dates at a bar, a theatre performance felt so sophisticated. Artem was different, he was artsy and adventurous.
“I’ll pick you up at 7pm, I can’t wait for you to experience this! You will love the show.”
This is what I really liked about Artem, he was always so clear and direct, 7pm came and he was parked right outside my door.
“We have to get the tickets from the seller first, It’s very hard to get tickets for these types of shows. It wont be long, its on the way to the theatre.” He said as I hopped into the car and he started driving.
“I’ve never heard of The Rhino theatre before, is it new?” I asked.
“Nah, its super old, its usually an older crowd but I enjoy the arts so much. I like going to lesser known spots, its more of my vibe.”
How was Artem so cool, I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about how thrilling my life was going to be dating him. Maybe our next date I could finally introduce him to my friends. They would be so intrigued by his charm.

We pulled up into a quiet neighbourhood with a few houses on the block. The roads were dark now but one streetlight was on, flickering at the end of the road. We pulled up and I saw a tall lanky guy with his hood on standing under the light. Artem pulled up near to the guy and parked the car. The light kept flickering and the radio started to turn to static. Artem turned it off and his eyes focused in on the clock. “Theres the guy. 7:18 right now, I have to wait till 7:20 to meet him.”
I laughed, “I didn’t know you were in to superstitions.”
“He’s very particular on these tickets, they are very rare you see.”
“Soo mysterious. I’m excited!” I went to turn on the radio again but Artem swatted away my hand.
“No music, he will hear. He enjoys the quiet.”
I looked to the guy standing outside and noticed he hadn’t moved this whole time, his face still hidden under his large hood.
“Ah there it is, 7:20, I’ll be right back my dear” Artem said as he kissed me on the cheek and hopped out the door. I watched him as he walked up to the guy. I couldn’t see him anymore as Artem was blocking him from my view. I saw the two stand there and didn’t notice any movement. After a few seconds, Artem turned around and headed back to the car. It was strange as the guy stood there, not moving.

“Got the tickets!” He flashed the two shiny ticket stubs with the largest grin on his face and began to drive away.
“What did the guy say? I barely saw him move, such a strange place to sell tickets don’t you think?” I asked.
“Just because you didn’t see him move, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” Artem laughed. “You’re so funny, how could you see in this dark anyways. Oh yea, he reminded me, don’t get the popcorn today, its Tuesday.”
“Popcorn isn’t good on Tuesdays?”
“You ask a lot of questions don’t you, this will be a fun time.” He smiled at me and kept driving.

We finally got to the spot. The area looked abandoned with no buildings but the theatre which was a warehouse with no windows and with a few cars parked outside it. We parked near the other cars and walked up to what looked like a back entrance with light coming out of the doorway.
“This does really look off the beaten path. I do like these hipster type places.”
“You are really in for a treat then!” Artem held my hand as we walked up to the doorway and he knocked three times, each knock with a few second pause in between.
An older gentleman opened the doors and I saw the bright lights and colourful red walls in the lobby inside. Artem handed the gentleman our tickets and we walked inside. The carpet was so soft and the lobby was filled with pictures of theatre performances. Right infront of us was the concession stand that was filled with different variety of candy and popcorn all along the wall. This place looked so magical.
“Lets get some snacks first, the theatre is to our left. We have a few minutes, we definitely can’t be late!” Artem said.
There was no one else around so we walked up to the concession stand and got served right away. The server behind the counter had a really nice red suit uniform on. I saw his gold plated nametag.
“Hi, Alec, whats the best thing you have here?” I asked.
“Ah a newbie, you are definitely in for a treat. I would recommend everything, but if you have a sweet tooth, this chocolate is great.”
I look over at Artem to see if he approved.
“Whatever you want, that looks great!”
“Okay we’ll take that chocolate. And how about popcorn?” I asked.
“Are you sure?” Alec said looking over to Artem whose smile had faded from his face.
“Just the chocolate is good, we don’t want to cause a disturbance with popcorn munching.” Alec said as he paid for the chocolate snacks.
“I guess we follow silly rules,” I jokingly say to Artem but his serious look didn’t change.
“This chocolate will be great, lets get to our seats.”

Artem took my hand and we walked to the large heavy theatre doors. A little push and the doors flew open revealing a large opera style theatre with hundreds of seats. The theatre had so many people sitting inside, I was shocked as the parking lot was fairly empty. The majority of the front was packed, most people looked excited and quietly whispered while waiting for the performance to start.
Artem and I sat near the back, having lots of space to ourselves as the back wasn’t as packed as the front. In front of us, I saw a very old couple sitting a few seats down from us. They must have been in their late 60s and were dressed very nicely. The lady wearing a nice brown shawl around her and the man wearing a tweed blazer. Everyone looked so sophisticated at this theatre.
“You comfy? I’m so excited for you to experience this! I come every week.” Artem said gleefully.
“Yes very comfy and ready for the show. Also, you come every week, doesn’t it get boring?”
“Nah, there’s always something different each time. The actors really make the show! Its about to start now,” the lights in the theatre started dimming and the stage curtains opened.
On the stage, a few younger actors around our age walked out, looking a bit petrified and the stage lights blinding them. They slowly walked around the stage, looking at the audience. Their faces looked pale and nervous.
I looked over at Artem and he looked like a kid at a candy store, the biggest smile on his face.
“Oh look, there’s Clarie! I dated her, she looks good in that outfit.” He whispered to me as a girl walked slowly on to the stage. The actors started looking at each other and then one finally spoke. It sounded like Shakespeare, I couldn’t understand what they were saying. All the actors were using soft voices and generally looked confused and nervous. After 20 minutes of them walking around and random props coming onto the set, finally the curtains closed and the lights turned on a bit indicating an intermission.
“What was that? I could barely understand. Are they amateurs?” I whispered.
Artem laughed, “Don’t worry, you’ll start to understand it over time, they all do.”
I glanced around the audience and noticed everyone was still. Maybe the intermission is very quick. I looked over and noticed the older couple that was sitting close to us, the woman had turned her head and was staring directly at me. After she saw me notice her, she turned away. This theatre was starting to be very creepy.
I took out my phone to look at it and Artem quickly patted me “No need to check your phone dear, it’s a date! Also, there is no cell service here anyways.”
“I’m going to quickly go to the bathroom.” I said putting my phone away.
“Okay be quick, the show will start soon, its right inside the lobby.”
I got up and walked towards the lobby and everyone in the theatre was sitting still in their seats, creeping me out even more. How were they enjoying this performance?

I got into the bathroom and checked my phone, still no service, must be a dead zone area.
After a few moments, I heard the bathroom door creek open and turned around. The old lady who was sitting infront of us was standing at the doorway, looking at me.
“Hi, enjoying the show?” I asked trying to make small talk.
She just started back at me and didn’t say a word. She walked up to the sink and didn’t turn it on, now just staring at the mirror.
“What is this place?” I was hoping she would tell me something.
She turned around and looked at me, I could now see her eyes. They were such a deep dark black. She continued to stare at me and then just walked back out the bathroom door. I felt a cold shiver run through my body. This creepy place was starting to really scare me, where had Artem brought me? Why was this old lady always staring at me. I started to think if I should just call an Uber and get out of here. I didn’t know if I was being crazy, sure it was a weird performance but Artem had been fun, I didn’t want to ruin it with one bad date. Maybe everything was just in my mind and I needed to relax, this was probably a different type of sophisticated art I wasn’t used to.
I walked back into the lobby, no one was around still. I checked my phone again, still no reception.
I started walking to the concession to talk to the guy from earlier, maybe he could tell me more about this place. Alec was there standing behind the counter but I noticed his body was frozen, exactly like a statue, not even blinking. “How can this be?” I thought, I had just spoken to him before the show started.
I walked up to the door to the entrance of the place hoping I could get some reception outside. I needed to Google this place and learn more about it and also tell my friends my location. This date was not going how I thought, this place was truly strange, how could Alec be frozen still now? This wasn’t just in my head now.
The doorman was no longer at the door entrance. I tried pushing it open but the door wouldn’t budge, he must have locked it. I started to panic as I was getting scared now, “what have I gotten myself into, this was becoming so sketchy,” I thought.
I didn’t know what to do other than play it cool with Artem, I had to just get out of here safely.

I walked back into the theatre and closely looked at the audience, I started to notice they were statues too. No one was moving or blinking. I hurried to my seat and sat next to Artem, trying not to show him my panic. He was looking so giddy still. I was hoping this would all be over soon and I could be home safe at my place.
“What took you so long, the show is about to start again!”
How was he having so much fun with this. He was not the guy that I had imagined.
“I was reapplying my makeup. What do you want to do after the show ends?” I was hoping he wouldn’t notice my sweat and keep things normal with talking about afterwards from this place.
Artem just laughed, “Getting a little bit ahead aren’t you, just enjoy this 2nd half. You’ll begin to love it, they all do eventually!”
I looked over at the couple who was sitting near us, the lady was back in her seat, they didn’t move at all. I wondered if they were statues too.
The lights dimmed again and the actors came back on to the stage. I started to think if they were being forced to perform, it would explain their terror and fright on stage. The actors again spoke cryptic lines and walked about the stage. I couldn’t focus, my mind was running through endless possibilities. I started beating myself up for not paying attention on how we drove here. Even if I could get outside, I had no clue where we were, everything was so deserted.

Finally after what felt like a lifetime, the show ended. The actors took a bow on stage and stood as the curtains closed in front of them. I heard clapping but looked closely and noticed the audience members weren’t moving. Artem was clapping furiously so I joined in to fit in with him and play along hoping this date would end soon.
“Wasn’t that exhilarating! That last actress, she’s Emma. I know her too. This was her first show, she did fantastic!”
“Yea she was great.” I tried to say with some enthusiasm.
“You look tired, lets get you home, you’ll need a lot of rest.”
We walked into the lobby and I saw the front entrance door was propped open. I felt a sigh of relief, I could finally get outside away from this place.

We got into the car and Artem drove me home. He couldn’t stop talking the whole drive about the show and the people he knew and the lines they said. My mind was just focused on getting home.
“Here we are, I hope you had a good night, Ill text you later.”
“Bye!” I said as I ran out his car as quickly as I could. I am never going to see this guy again, that was definitely the creepiest thing I had ever experienced or even heard of.
I got inside and got ready for bed. I texted my friends group chat saying I have to call them tomorrow and tell them all about this creepiest date every. Everyone was asleep so I didn’t get a reaction from them yet.
I noticed the light from the street glaring into my room as I was about to go to sleep. As I went to close the blinds, I looked outside and noticed someone standing under the street light across the street from my place. It was very late now and unusual for someone to be outside so I looked closer. My body went numb as I noticed the person was the old lady from the theatre, she was still wearing the brown shawl and staring directly at me. I jumped and quickly closed the blinds and hoped into bed. “What was she doing here, how did she know where I lived?” I thought. My body was starting to sweat but I just told myself it was all in my imagination as I laid in the fetal position under my covers. Just as I closed my eyes, my phone dinged. I looked over at it and it was a text from Artem:
“I hope you were paying attention to the show, you’ll have to memorize those lines sooner or later, the show must go on...”
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2021.12.01 13:01 DMHshadow Gender identity: ‘How colonialism killed my culture’s gender fluidity’ - BBC World [6:30]

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2021.12.01 13:01 markliew Welcome home to Obooloo...

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2021.12.01 13:01 Utterlyfishy Zekrom Raid happening now

Trainer Code 3420 6869 8165
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2021.12.01 13:01 NewsElfForEnterprise Dow's nearly 400-point rally highlighted by gains for American Express, Goldman Sachs stocks

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2021.12.01 13:01 Deep-Farm-2809 one piece hentai

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2021.12.01 13:01 Freelancer_Alpha1-1 Need help upgrading a pre-built!

Hi all, I've built 4-5 PCs over the years but never felt super confident. About a year ago, I ended up purchasing a pre-built because it was the only way to get a 3080 and I could afford it at the time.
However (as predicted) is gets incredibly hot, has fans that sound like jet engines when running certain games, and in general I have some concern around some of the parts being cheap (cooling, mobo, PSU, etc).
What I'm hoping to do now is upgrade it (either new parts, or salvaged from my old rig listed below). Biggest concerns are performance, airflow, cooling, and general dust/pet hair.

OLD PC Specs:
I'm thinking I'll at least want to buy a new case and fans, but not sure what else needs to be replaced and the best way to go about making sure this new build it solid for the next few years.
Any help, part recommendations, and suggestions requested! Money is not a huge issue if the hardware is worth it in the long run.
Thank you!
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2021.12.01 13:01 LogoLillardPorn Capital One says it is ditching all consumer overdraft fees, giving up $150 million in annual revenue

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2021.12.01 13:01 CTKR_Studio Tis the seasonal depression time. Link in comments.

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2021.12.01 13:01 RunPatient4593 Avoidance can also be a valid expression of social anxiety!

First time posting here, I've been (and am) anxious about it. For many years I considered my SA to be "too weak" for therapy and therefore also too weak to be allowed to post in this subreddit. However, I made a huge leap in therapy today and just wanted to share in case someone needs to hear this too. Feel welcomed to leave your own stories!
It was only today (after 3 months of therapy) that I realised that avoidance is in fact a valid symptom of SA. I always used to think that limiting my opportunities to some sort of "existence minimum" is something I shouldn't complain about. Not going to birthdays, parties, celebrations or group activities (etc.) always occured to me as some kind of luxury first-world-problem. As a result, I didn't let myself complain about it and left the opportunity to do anything against it closed.
For today's lesson, my therapist wanted me to prepare different scenarios and rate them on a scale from 0-100 how anxious they would make me feel. For your information: my therapy focuses on cognitive-behavioral aspects, so its main focus is to (I was quite surprised by that) go through your anxiety, face (and hopefully master) difficult situations.
So, our conversation went something like this: T: "How would you feel in this scenario...?" Me: "I don't know. Not a problem I guess." T: "Why is that so?" Me: "Oh, I would never do that." T: "Why wouldn't you?" Me: "Well, it would make me feel highly anxious. So I don't do things like that."
She then explained to me (again), that there are two different scales to measure (social) anxiety: the level of anxiety (e.g. symptoms) and/or level of avoidance. I am writing this because I was and still am struggling to realize just how often I completely avoid situations possibly triggering my anxiety. Do you know what I mean? Have you experienced something similar?
It took me many years to accept and be confident enough to apply and ask for therapy. In my teenage years, I was seeing a mental health professional for some sessions and she vehemently told me that I don't have real problems and that the world has seen worse. In retrospect I find that funnily enough because with social anxiety it's already so hard to face all the struggles you have to go through to receive an empty therapy slot. I wouldn't have needed a health professional to put even more stones into my path.
So if you're out there, in whatever situation you might be in: your feeling and anxiety are valid. Avoidance is an essential ingredient in the cocktail of symptoms social anxiety mixes. Just because you still "function" doesn't mean you can't reach out for help.
Big hug to you all!
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2021.12.01 13:01 firulasilustra [For Hire] Commissions open. More info on comments.

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2021.12.01 13:01 kroryan Xmrfast.com soesnt get blocks why

Hello guys we havent got any block in 15 days, someone knows why?
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2021.12.01 13:01 420BillyBong $25 when you sign up with Crypto.com

^^ use that link and we both get 25^^

Much love!
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