Congratulations, Exudexx

2021.12.01 13:27 exudexx888 Congratulations, Exudexx

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2021.12.01 13:27 Icy_Hall_293 Gengar raid 7579 7189 3550

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2021.12.01 13:27 festivalfashionista Which side do you choose?

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2021.12.01 13:27 magicmikedota HELP AL fan controller

My Lconnect2 recently doesn't seem to work it says that the controller is not connected but it is. I thought that i installed something that messed up the software so i reinstalled it and didn't work i then formatted my pc and everything was working again. Next day when i turned the PC on same problem. screenshot
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2021.12.01 13:27 INSJBLM Irobot I3 plus

I got a lightly used i3 plus and ran it AFTER my Roborock S4max, and I was shocked how much it picked up from previously "cleaned" midplie carpet.
So I decided to take it to another room where I have my T8+ running, and the same thing.
I run both the T8 and S4max daily and no one has been in the rooms for a few days.
Are Irobots really that much better on carpet?
The I3 completed the job in 22 mins the RR took 15 mins
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2021.12.01 13:27 2x2er Week 9 - getting closer to the finish line. Still having new growth appear though. About 10% amber trichs

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2021.12.01 13:27 Tyler-Is-Clutch So how exactly do elusive targets work?

I’m fairly new to hitman and I’ve never done a elusive target event before can someone explain how it works? Do you only get 1 try to take down your target and if you fail it’s game over?
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2021.12.01 13:27 CLOUDBORNS Our Single is out! CLOUDBORNS - Kalbim Boş

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2021.12.01 13:27 nintendo9713 [Spoilers] As a casual that it?

Never played this type of game before, but a huge Zelda fan so I indulged.
Beat the game when it came out with only Impa/Link at max level with the max lvl 25 (30?) weapons. DLC 1 came out and Zelda hit 100 as well, while mostly using those 3. Enjoyed it less because I kept repeating the same Vicious Monster stuff with Impa, so I got a lvl 50 weapon pretty quick. I only used other characters as needed for training to complete everything.
Now that I beat DLC 2, is there anything else to do other than farming characters and weapons? I have just under 100 hours in the game and loved every minute, but then I see people with all characters at lvl 100 with 300+ hours and I can't imagine spending 200 more hours doing the same missions on repeat.
The ending just came about really fast. I thought that after all the Memory quests were complete, I'd get something else, but I coincidentally did the one where you unlock Soogah last, so I thought that was the prize for unlocking all the quests. Then I quickly unlocked all his stuff without needing to farm, did the 2 training quests for him, and now....I'm here.
Great game though. Hope to get something similar in the future.
Bonus question - DLC weapons for Link / Zelda - do flails and bikes drop? I haven't gotten a drop for them ever...
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2021.12.01 13:27 ChrisGrovesCM18 GRID Legends: Join us December 3 for WORLD-FIRST gameplay, release date reveal and more!

GRID Legends: Join us December 3 for WORLD-FIRST gameplay, release date reveal and more! We think you've waited long enough...
December 3 // 4pm UTC 👀
🏁 First gameplay 🏁 Release date reveal 🏁 New locations, events, cars 🏁 New features
Be there ▶️ head to the official GRID YouTube channel
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2021.12.01 13:27 Ethdev256 Damage improvement with Grief and Fortitude?

Trying out a Tesladin (love Paladins, have a grief and was able to trade for a Jah for Dream helm) -- I know best in slot for zealots is Fortitude, but does it add enough damage to make it worth a Lo when your focus is Holy Shock? Rather save up for other items unless this is a major, major improvement.
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2021.12.01 13:27 asifgod What do you think?

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2021.12.01 13:27 J14YHM Classic Mustang [1000x1500]

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2021.12.01 13:27 procryptoclass Grayscale vs. SEC, Fidelity's Bitcoin ETF, Investments in Metaverse, NFTs + More News

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2021.12.01 13:27 kacperoooooooooo How to recognize a priority enemy in gambit?

I want to master my Lorentz cannon but i have no idea when, where and how to find them in gambit. I can't beat up champions beacuse my power is too low.
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2021.12.01 13:27 legendary_skulls And If you see me shut...

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2021.12.01 13:27 hjsyejjh123 how did your hamster die?

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2021.12.01 13:27 Antifacist_Bully_Boy My favorite comment today. I bet she was a pleasure at Thanksgiving.

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2021.12.01 13:27 Christaloves This is my brothers chameleon. We noticed his ankle looking quite swollen. He's just as active as always and moves normal. Is it something to be concerned about? Thanks in advance!

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2021.12.01 13:27 Mangaku Theta vs Thetan ?
Look at the name guys. Scam spotted ? Or Wolffun preparing some new branding ? o_O
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2021.12.01 13:27 adecker99 You know what time of year it is

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2021.12.01 13:27 godfatherdon197 Beginner Camera decision

Hi, yes I know this question is asked a lot as I have been doing research and reading other posts, however everyone seems to have a different budget and goal and after hours of research, videos and reviews, I am still feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of options out there and opinons.
I am buying a 35mm camera for my girlfriend as we are both very interested in starting.
We have very little experience with photography, however I am looking for a simple, easy to use camera that can get me started on our analog adventure. We really know nothing about manual, so something automatic would probably be ideal.
I have been looking at point and shoot cameras mainly for their simplicity, with some rangefinders also looking like they can be easy to use too.
My budget is about 50 euros which I know is a bit limiting especially with the popularity of these things.
I have made a list of some cameras I have found within my budget which I have found on Ebay and FB Marketplace, most of which have been tested and are in good working order apparently.
Please, I really need some help with this just to get started as my head feels like its going to explode and I dont want to just pick one only for both of us to be let down, especially as it is a gift.
I have found the following which I am interested in and would love to know opinons and experiences, I can provide links to the ones I am looking at if anyone is interested in going that far to help me.
Canon Sureshot S
Hanimex 35 HS
Minolta Hi Matic G
Olympus Trip 35
Pentax IQ zoom 3
Yashica 200AF
Yashica 108
Yashica Electro X
Yashica Electro 35
ESTCA 3451
Halina H600
I notice Canon EOS was recommended but is much bigger than the others I have been looking at and maybe a bit advanced.
Any help will be much appreciated. Let me know if you would like a link to any of these to check them out for me. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know even though it might blow my brain even more.
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2021.12.01 13:27 UrbanAbsconder Police: Two killed in Rogers crash

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2021.12.01 13:27 APW25 It's the shitpost for me

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2021.12.01 13:27 hassusas 1,600-year-old steelyard weight found in Turkey's ancient city of Hadrianopolis

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