Expansion/game pack recommendations?

2022.01.17 14:11 satan_withatea Expansion/game pack recommendations?

I want to get one (or two if they’re on sale) new packs. I currently have University, Get Famous, Cats & Dogs, Get to Work, Realm of Magic, and Parenthood. I like packs that add new skills or jobs — I like being able to do or explore new things, don’t really care about aesthetic or whatnot as much. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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2022.01.17 14:11 altalsofishhh doing deepfakes rn....dm me

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2022.01.17 14:11 Throwaway3344A 18M [chat] looking for a nice conversation!

Hi, I'm looking for new people to get to know and hopefully become online friends with.

Send me a dm if you would like to chat, please include a small introduction!
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2022.01.17 14:11 Alpha_Therapy The Crisis Of Mens Physical Health

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2022.01.17 14:11 jbisenberg FE3H Draft Strategy

FE3H Draft Strategy After participating in a number of FE3H drafts across all four routes, I wanted to take some time to discuss Draft Strategy. Because, by its very nature, a Draft constrains a player to using only a few select units, it has some interesting interplay with the conventional wisdom of the "meta." Draft priority does not strictly mimic placement on a standard tier list. I've noticed throughout my drafts several players who waiver on their picks, are unhappy with missing certain coveted picks, or heavily struggle in certain key maps. This post hopefully serves to provide readers with some good drafting fundamentals to improve their drafting experience. This discussion will presume the following core draft rules (and that players are actively competing to draft strong teams, not just picking their favorites - although even if you are just picking favorites this may help you prioritize when to pick those units):
-Snake Order drafting
-Players may only use drafted units
-Paralogues may only be accessed if at least one of the required units to access the Paralogue is drafted
-Maddening Mode, Classic
I will also utilize a Crimson Flower draft as the basis for many of the examples I use throughout this post. I am using CF only because I am currently in the midst of a CF draft and thus have a draft board handy. Note that this post has nothing to do with the state of that current draft, I've just been meaning to write about the topic for some time and right now it is top of mind. Speaking of which, this is my CF draft board:
Note that units in, for example, \"Great Combat\" are not strictly better than units in \"Utility\" and visa-versa. These are more categories to help focus evolving draft strategy than they are tiers to rank units, and should be treated as such.
There are three key takeaways that will be discussed in this post:
(1) Limited availability encourages maximizing your ROI for each draft pick;
(2) Extra combat is secondary to utility;
(3) A lack of free, sacky units encourages drafting with specific goals in mind, depending on the route and team composition (i.e. Ch 2, 5, 6, 7, 13, etc.).
I will begin in reverse order as #3 informs #1 and #2.
The biggest change that drafting brings to a run of FE3H is that the player lacks early-game sacky combat units. I define sacky units as units who will help out on a few chapters, but will not be trained to be regular members of the team (that unit's performance gets "sacked" for the overall betterment of the team". The easiest example of a sacky unit is an in-house unit the player intends to drop. For example, on AM, Ashe is considered a generally weak unit. Due to his lackluster combat and unimpressive utility, it is not uncommon for a player to drop Ashe in favor of a stronger unit who can fulfill a similar role (i.e. Shamir). Even if the player intends to drop Ashe down the road, it is likely the player will still field Ashe to provide chip damage on early game maps until other units are recruited to replace him. In a draft, however, Ashe is only available to one player – whoever drafted Ashe. Because of this, any given draft team likely will *lack* sacky combat. This places a premium on maximizing damage output on maps that ordinarily would see a lot of sacky combat contributions (i.e. Ch 2 or 5 where the player is largely outmatched and chip damage is at a premium). Simply put, players will rarely, if ever, even be able to field a full team - much less rely on abundant chip damage in the early game. Thus, drafting with specific chapters in mind, and to fill in pieces of the whole puzzle, is essential.
For example, the earliest major hurdle the player faces is Chapter 2. Ch 2, on its own, can be a fairly challenging map. On Maddening, several in-house units are outright ORKO'd by the enemies and most enemies are 2-3HKO'd by your units in return. It is paramount to have units who can not only deal good damage, but who can survive a round of combat or two to keep the team alive. Ch 2 is one of the reasons that units like Sylvain, Balthus, and Petra find themselves drafted early in CF drafts. They can each survive a round of combat without having to sacrifice their counterattack, which makes the map far more reliable to complete - particularly since the player will most likely lack a full roster's worth of chip damage; and can be trained into strong, long term combat units. Among White Clouds maps, at minimum the following are worth drafting around (and of course route-specific challenges such as non-CF Ch 13 warrant consideration):
Ch 1 - While manageable with just Byleth + Lord, it is helpful to have at least one in-house unit to speed up the map. Leveling priorities can get wonky with this map, depending on whether or not you intend to rush Byleth to Lv 5, but one-in house unit can reliably grab 1-2 levels to begin training.
Ch 2 - see the above Ch 2 discussion;
Ch 5 - Strong enemies in high concentrations, pass thieves, and the first demonic beast of the run can be a challenge with a low number of available units;
Ch 6 - No lord to rely on and alternate win conditions to account for depending on whether the team can fight DK;
Ch 7 - Strong and bulky enemies in high concentrations, difficult to survive a round of combat against certain strong enemies, mid-chapter enemy stat boosts can be problematic;
Ch 12 - Whether it will be warp-skipped or fought straight up, either requires some planning.
Often the biggest problem a drafter faces is that there are only so many units who provide the strong combat or valuable utility needed to ease the challenge of these maps. Prioritizing your team's needs as the draft evolves often means accepting weakness in certain areas to ensure strong performances in others. Drafting necessarily forces opportunity costs (i.e. drafting Catherine for Ch 5 on VW or AM ensures a strong performance on that map, but leaves vulnerabilities in Ch 7). As such, maximizing the ROI on each of your draft picks - particularly your early picks - is at a premium. Let's explore this further by looking at my CF draft board.
Firstly, the categories are not strictly hierarchical. At a 10,000 ft view I may value Warp more than Great Combat or Utility, however that does not mean I would blindly pick any available units in the Warp tier over the other tiers. Instead, the categories serve to separate the units out into their respective primary value to a given team (this does not mean sole value, just what I consider their best selling point).
"Warp" is self-explanatory. Warp is a highly centralizing spell and only 4 units gain access to the spell. As such, the first three picks of any draft more likely than not should go to Lin, Hapi, and Lys (in some order - totally depends on what the individual drafter values as each provide unique secondary characteristics that warrant consideration). Pick 4 has a little more leeway in that, based on game theory, it is unlikely that Manuela will be picked in the 2nd or 3rd round by the other teams as they will have other priorities that compete with grabbing a second Warp user. However, the threat of Manuela getting scooped up is omnipresent as there is incredible value in having two Warp users. Thus, 4th position's value is more-likely-than-not having the pick of the litter when it comes to grabbing two premium non-Warp units to build their team around. I do think Lin/Hapi/Lys are noticeably better than Manuela, hence the priority afforded to them and why there is such an incentive to pick these units in the first round.
"Great Combat" serves to categorize units who have strong combat on key early maps (and also Jeritza). By way of example: Balthus, for example, dominates the early game thanks to his extraordinary bulk and combat. Sylvain has a weaker combat performance than Balthus in the early game, but offers the player early Lance of Ruin access along with a paralogue with more valuable rewards. On CF, Bernie is the only user of Vengeance available and her combat otherwise is still quite strong, but her bulk is severely lacking. Jeritza, at contrast to these units, joins as a combat prodigy with no real weaknesses but cannot contribute during all of White Clouds. Despite this, his value in easing the difficulty of Part 2 cannot be overstated. These are all strong units that any team would appreciate, however they each have some drawback and must compete with Byleth and Lord for combat opportunities. These tend to be early-to-mid picks to help anchor a given team's combat.
"Utility" serves to categorize units whose primary selling point is the utility they provide. Annette is the poster child for this category thanks to her unrivaled Rally and Gambit utility. Similarly, Constance offers the strongest Rescue in the game alongside Bolting support and Gambit utility. These units all offer some combination of Rallies, Faith spells, and an Authority boon - although none of them provide all three - and do not mind shirking combat roles in favor of performing these support functions. That said, it is not a requirement that they lack combat ability - Marianne being the clear example of this - and indeed some may prefer to transition to combat in the late game (i.e. Mercedes likely prefers to slide into Sniper, and is one of the units I struggle the most to place into one category). These tend to be picked throughout the draft to either supplement certain combat units or enable certain strategies. The best units in this category, like Annette, may see themselves go as early as the second or third round whereas the weaker units, like Anna, may find themselves picked near or at the end of the draft. This category does not include the Warp users, even though they easily could find a home here - and this draft board could easily eschew a "Warp" list to do so (and otherwise belong here if for some reason some other team neglects to draft one early on).
"Filler Combat" serves to categorize units who offer additional combat to the team that is less centralizing than those in "Great Combat." That is not to say they aren't useful units. Their combat is definitely appreciated, but is also fairly replicable. This leaves them at a lower draft priority than units with more specialized and competitive roles. These tend to be mid-to-late picks. They tend to be picked after certain utility units because filler combat is much easier to replicate than unique utility. Many of these units also have notable utility (i.e. Raph/Alois Rally Strength and Hubert/Ingrid/Hanneman Rally Magic) that is worth considering.
"Paralogue" serves to categorize filler combat units whose primary reason to be drafted is to access a specific paralogue. Ashe gives access to the boots; Lorenz gives access to Thyrsus and his battalion. The opportunity cost with drafting these units is that their combat is noticeably weaker than other units, but the rewards for their paralogues have unique value. These are typically late picks, although the draft position of either could be quite variable depending on how the draft shakes out.
How does this practically shake out? Well, prior to my current draft, I did a quick and dirty mock draft in which I filled out what a possible outcome for the draft might look like. This isn't strictly an "optimal" draft - but it is fairly solid for all teams involved.
Again, just a quick projection mostly done on gut feeling. Draft order is A>B>C>D>D>C...
I don't strictly think - for example - that Lin > Hapi> Lys or that Bernie > Sylvain > Balthus > Petra. There are reasonable arguments for all of the placements here. I think the most interesting piece of discussion that crops out of this is the relative value of Combat vs. Support. These are the two roles any given unit will perform on any given map. While most units will at least perform some combat and some utility over the course of a run, most units tend to favor one over the other (although there are exceptions - i.e. Marianne). Notably, every team is prepared to take on the major White Clouds challenges:
*Team A* has Petra and Hubert to assist in combat in the early game (and Caspar whose chip and personal skill are helpful), Linhardt for Ch 2 healing to increase reliability into Warp utility, and Shamir to pick up the slack in Ch 6. Felix and Alois round out the team offering solid, low effort combat along with Alois' Rally Strength to increase Part 2 reliability. The toughest decision for this team really is who will go Dancer. The choice between first pick Lin/Hapi/Lys is difficult. For CF, Lin offers Ch 1 utility - however limited it may be - and a Faith boon over Hapi. Hapi has an availability lead over Lys and better combat than Lin, but lacks a Faith Boon which requires more investment to hit Warp than Lin/Lys. Lys has the benefit of B-Rank Warp over Lin/Hapi and the best combat of the three, but lacks Physic utility, costs resources to recruit, and joins the latest of the three. I don't think there is necessarily a clear best answer here.
*Team B* has Hapi to both Warp and provide early game healing, Balthus is an early game champion, Annette provides all-purpose utility support, and Ingrid serves as a mid-game strong combat unit and brings in Luin to the fold. The remaining members all contribute in some way, with Hanneman offering Rally Magic support and ok combat in Sniper, Ferdinand a solid choice for some early game help with a transition into solid Part 2 combat or reasonable Dancer choice, and Mercedes offering solid early contributions before either transitioning to solid Sniper combat or the alternate Dancer choice.
*Team C* has Lys' large Warp range and good combat along with Sylvain's all purpose strong combat and Lance of Ruin access. The choice of Jeritza over Annette isn't a solid one, but it does allow the team to ignore most of the Part 2 headaches that could otherwise arise - and the team already has a sold early game as is. Ignatz serves a similar role to Annette thanks to Rally Speed, and the remaining units provide solid mixed combat/utility that complements the team well. Dorothea or Lorenz can transition to Dancer with relative ease. Additionally, of all of the teams, Team C appreciates Thyrsus the most with its magic-heavy team composition.
*Team D* takes the gamble that Manuela will not be selected in Rounds 2-3. I think its a solid gamble, particular when the risk is somewhat mitigated with the Constance pick (Rescue may be inferior to Warp, but if the gamble does not pay off Constance can simply go Dark Flier to mimic some of Warp's utility - with the upside that if it does pay off, Constance can opt to go Warlock/Gremory if that better serves the team's needs). The choice between Bernie/Sylvain/Balthus/Petra is not an easy one as each offers different benefits. I think the Bernie pick fits the gamble well, however, as she can be built to enemy-phase with Vantage/Battalion Wrath if needed while retaining the Vengeance upside. The Leonie pick rounds out the combat core nicely, Yuri helps with much needed early game reliability and offers good gambit utility along with bringing the Fetters of Dromi to the team, Raph can pick up some of the combat slack along with offering Rally Strength, and Ashe provides access to the Boots vs another Rescue user in Anna (and denying the other players the Boots is a strong concession prize). Player D could gamble further with not selecting Manuela in the second set of book-end picks, but that seems like an unnecessary risk.
Comparing the mock draft with the draft board also serves to exemplify the fluidity of the categories. Combat and Utility go hand in hand, but prime Utility often offers more to a team than just an additional combat unit. We can also see how units like Ignatz who provide strong utility outplace some units that have better combat (i.e. Felix, Yuri, Alois, etc.), based on how it is more difficult to replicate that utility than their combat. And of course, depending on team composition, units in certain categories may end up filling different roles - i.e. a "Filler Combat" unit going dancer to offer utility or a utility unit being primarily used for combat. Again, this is loose categorization to help focus draft strategy and does not represent hard and fast rules by which to live.
We can also look at how the draft I am in turned out for an example about how emergent draft conditions can change priorities.
I picked in second position in this draft - Team B
I obviously can't speak for the minds of the other participants in this draft - and everyone ended up with genuinely solid teams. What I can do is explain the rationale behind each of my choices:
Pick 1 - Sylvain: Ordinarily I advocate for a Warp user first, however here the first pick selected Bernie. Because I do not have a super strong preference between Lin/Hapi/Lys in CF, and I was willing to bet that neither Third and Fourth position would take back-to-back Warp users with their first two picks, I opted to select a strong Ch 2 combat unit in Sylvain and guarantee access to the Lance of Ruin.
Pick 2 - Hapi: Honestly this was more reflexive than anything else. I probably should have selected Hapi or Lys in Round 3, given it would be unlikely that both get selected by Team A's bookend 2nd and 3rd picks. But shoring up a Warp user who also takes care of my early-game healing needs is extremely valuable and more than worth the pick.
Pick 3 - Shamir: I debated between establishing a powerful combat core of Byleth/Edelgard/Sylvain/Shamir and adding a unit like Annette for utility. I opted to grab Shamir to ensure my Ch 6 would run smoothly. I also did not anticipate Lys and Manuela falling so far down the draft which threw a wrench into planning. Either way, this was a solid pick that makes sense.
Pick 4 - Caspar: Earlier than I would have liked to take him, but the other participants showed a clear preference for guaranteeing their in-house units. The great value that in-house units offer is early game contributions and lack of recruitment costs, which is always appreciated. I opted to grab Caspar here just in case he wouldn't make it back to me as I do prefer to have at least one in-house unit to speed things up in Ch 1.
Pick 5 - Jeritza: Purely a value pick. I was mostly looking at Ignatz, Ingrid, Yuri, or Marianne, one of whom I was gunning for here for how they each help complement the team in different ways, but Jeritza fell so far down the board that the sheer value was too hard to pass up. Plus, it denies him from the other participants at this discount price. I also thought that Team D would grab Lys, who had shockingly fallen so far down, giving me good odds on getting one of those three.
Pick 6 - Lys: incredible value and more than makes up for what is otherwise a team light on utility. I am amazed she fell this far, but it seems like Team A and D were playing a game of chicken with each other when it came to Warp users.
Pick 7 - Raph: I was between Raph and Hanneman, effectively deciding between Rally Strength and Rally Magic support. I opted for Rally Strength as Rally Magic primarily serves as a boost to Warp range. Getting two Warp users significantly lessened the need for Rally Magic.
This also serves to show that not every participant will value units exactly the same way that you do, or will employ the same draft strategy as you will. It also highlights the important mindset needed when going into a draft: understanding you likely won't get everyone you want or have the perfect team of eight neatly shake out, and remembering to stay adaptive to ever-changing draft conditions.
To conclude, the major takeaways here are:
(1) Maximize what each pick brings to the table;
(2) Utility is harder to replace than combat;
(3) Plan your picks around the needs of your team with respect to the challenges they will face.
Hopefully this helps you in your next draft~
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2022.01.17 14:11 anonymousj12 University Transcript for 2nd Entry Nursing Program

Im graduating from university this year and will be applying to the nursing 2nd entry program at humber. Do I request to send my transcript now or at the end of the term? - referring to the application where it asks you when you want to send your transcript.
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2022.01.17 14:11 Aomarvel New player here with some questions

Where can i find playstation players to play with? How do you do the orange bubble thing ingame? Is it an item?
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2022.01.17 14:11 indianladka Fourier Transform

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2022.01.17 14:11 SoySauceTube Trading a ride potion!

Looking for legs mostly, unless there is a good offer
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2022.01.17 14:11 Elegant-Reflection-3 Free £10 of Bitcoin from Luno - No Deposit necessary - UK only

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Luno was founded in 2013 and have their HQ in London. Luno’s app is used by over 9 million people in 40 countries and is designed to be beginner-friendly (I’d say as easy to use as a banking app). GBP deposits & withdrawals are free and it's free to buy & sell crypto (using a limit order on Luno’s Exchange). Luno has some good features - you can earn up to 7.6% interest a year on crypto and you can send crypto to family & friends free. Features
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Feel free to share my code with others so they can get £10 of Bitcoin.
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2022.01.17 14:11 trippindoll getting all warm and cozy 🥺🥰🔥

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2022.01.17 14:11 Purple-Yak9328 check out this resource station project powered by nfts

Hey everyone I started a project that will help to plant trees for every nft purchased. We have a collaboration with trees.org, and we're in the process of trying to work something out with http://unicef.org. check out some of our work and maybe give us a like and a follow on social media
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2022.01.17 14:11 KaleGroundbreaking Censored From r/conservatives For Speaking facts

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2022.01.17 14:11 i_fuckd_ur_mother AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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2022.01.17 14:11 reptarsmash622010 And Issun STL files out there?

Friend asked for a 3d printed Issun figure. Can't really find one out there. Does anyone have a lead?
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2022.01.17 14:11 Bman1973 Many of us know about the legend Althea that is 3/14/81 Nassau. You'll see on the Archive that only a SBD of the 2nd set is available. In 2007 the Taper's Section on Deadnet put out the SBD of this Althea!

A week or so ago I was back & forth with someone about this Althea and somehow my flac has disappeared from my HD (I knew there was a disruption in the force), but I remembered that I uploaded it to my Youtube channel. There's no doubt in my mind anyway that this is tied for 1st with like 10 or 20 other Altheas but in that tie this one would be in a sub-set tie with like 3 others. Say 7/19/90 Deer Creek, 5/16/81 Nassau, 3/28/81 Germany etc, usual suspects ... SO many great Altheas ...
And to complete this cosmic blast of rare SBDs that were previously only known in audience copies ...
It comes in mid main solo in Help but omg what a H>S>Fs. As great as any of 77 ! Jump on this because you're not gonna see it anywhere else but here! Maybe with a deep ass dive into the 7% of the internet as a whole that is The Grateful Dead but hey here it is now so down it my peoples ... ha
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2022.01.17 14:11 neonsynthwaver Dermatologist for a balding dude

Hi folks - any recommendations for dermatologists in Dublin re my slowly balding scalp :) it was inevitable but I never made plans for it.
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2022.01.17 14:11 mbromy1 Masters of Accountancy

Hello - I'm working towards my masters in accounting and have been working in accounting for about 6 years. It's been mostly admin accounting/glorified bookkeeper roles. I am in my mid-thirties. are there any other options to start other than as an associate in a public firm?
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2022.01.17 14:11 Glittering_Shoe_4460 Are penny stocks scams? Seriously asking, because I'm frustrated as hell.

My family and I are generally new to investing. Last summer, my dad convinced me that penny stocks are an untapped source of wealth, and so many people discount them because, "Oh, they're just scams/They're so volatile!" But, he said, if you do your research, the good ones can produce nice profit.
Well, leading to me, based on his advice, I put some money into a few penny stocks that he also did as well and said he verified and checked and said they're good. He also said they had good projects going on, were solving real world solutions and will be big in the future. (The stocks if anyone is curious: GARB and PYCT.)
I bought them, and now checking them today, I've gone from putting $200 into them to seeing they're now $0.50 and both stocks are at $0.000000. (Side question: Can I even still sell?) Yay. Also, basic comments under their profiles on Yahoo Finance shows comments from even before we bought them exposing them for being scammy, only having one employee listed (hilarious for a company who's doing innovative marine biology tech to solve climate change issues), etc. Idk how my dad missed this, but whatever.
I know it's only $200, but I am pissed. But it's on me for listening blindly. But, is there any truth to it -- can penny stocks be good investments? Like, ever?
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2022.01.17 14:11 saguaro79 [WTS] Rolex Explorer II - Ref 216570 Full Set

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2022.01.17 14:11 apathymonger MBMBaM 593: Foolish and Vacuous Perfume Oil

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2022.01.17 14:11 Skiffy10 Icon Price

I bought mid best on the weekend for weekend league and now he’s dropping like crazy. Will he rise after TOTY drops or are all icon prices just gonna steadily decrease?
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2022.01.17 14:11 Cooz78 raimi suit appreciation! looks different in every shot, truly unique and special

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2022.01.17 14:11 NoElephant4327 Welcome To 🚀 DentalCMO 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

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2022.01.17 14:11 Cynikill PSA - Assigning 2 different devices to same Vjoy axis

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