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2022.01.17 13:45 wafflemiy [Race Report] Houston Marathon

Race Info - Chevron Houston Marathon. Was the 50th iteration of the event, and first year back after cancelling the 2021 race due to the pandemic.
Background - This was my fourth full marathon. I'm 33 yo, 6'2, 190ish, husband and and dad (one 3yo). I've been running casually pretty much as long as I can remember.
Training- So this was actually the first time I really committed to an actual training plan for a full cycle. My first two marathons, I ran in high school and college, mostly cashing in on being young and skinny. My third marathon, I kindof ran on a whim and only trained for a little more than a month. I decided for this one, I was going to actually put the time in and see where I got me.
I trained using the generic canned Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1. It's not a bad plan, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The early mileage is just so low it almost seems like a wasted few weeks before you start to get anywhere. There is a big emphasis on the weekend long runs which is great except that it means that your weekday miles are all pretty low. On one hand, this made it pretty accessible, since I'm usually pretty busy with work and family stuff during the week. On the other, I would have liked to have seen some longer mid-week miles. There is also no real speed work, which kindof sucks, but that's OK.
Anyways, training went extremely smoothly. It was ridiculously hot and humid in Houston this year all the way through December, and I did almost all of my training in the evening. Some of the long runs were pretty frustrating just because of the weather, but I managed to knock everything out just fine.
Pre-Race - Woke up at 4:30AM, hit the restroom, made some coffee and had some breakfast (peanut butter toast and a cliff bar). My dad picked me up at 5:20 and drove me to the start, where I had about 45 minutes to use the restroom a few more times, drop my gear check bag off, and stretch before heading out to the starting corrals.
Weather - Despite the unseasonable heat during training, the forecast was cold by houston standards, with temps in the low-to-mid 30s, and windchill in the upper 20s at the starting line. I bought a cheapo sweatshirt that I wore to the starting line, and tossed into the donation pile ~ 10 minutes before we got going. Also had a light longsleeve shirt and some gloves (with handwarmers) that I wore for the first few miles before going down to just a short-sleeve shirt. Overall, I'd say that was just about perfect race weather. Could have done with just a little less wind, but otherwise wouldn't have changed it.
Race- Going in to this thing, I wanted to have a strong but enjoyable race. One day, at some point, I'd like to get myself within spitting distance of being able BQ- but that is still a pretty long ways off. My goals for this one were 3:55, 3:50, 3:45, with my pipe-dream goal of 3:40. This was my third time running this course, so I had a pretty good idea of where I was and what I had left at any given point.
Anyways, conditions were great and everything went pretty seamlessly from the get go. I started corral B, and there was no weaving for me, which was nice. I settled into a strong pace and tried to stay disciplined for the first few miles. I definitely was going a little bit quicker that I had planned, but nothing too crazy- everything felt great. At about mile 4, I peeled off my long sleeve shirt and hat, and tossed it to my wife and dad who braved the cold to watch me suffer. Miles 4-15 took us over through the medical district and around Rice's campus and the West U area. I took my first gel at like 6.5 (a little earlier than normal), and we split from the halfers around mile 8. There's a bit hill at mile 12 just before the course turn around, and this was probably where the wind was the worst. I moved over to the outside of the course to avoid everyone who was walking up the hill, and powered on through. Took my second gel around mile 14. By mile 15, my avg pace is just under 8:20. I was dreaming of negative splitting, but knew that it probably wasn't going to happen. Saw my wife and dad again at Mile 16 after making it through the Galleria, and then saw my daughter, mom and sister at mile 18 just before turning on Memorial.
For those of you who haven't run this course before, the first 18 miles are all pretty entertaining and take you through some of the best parts Houston has to offer. Right at the 18mile marker, you hang a right on memorial drive, which points you towards downtown, and you are pretty much running a straight shot all the way to the finish line. It's hard. At about mile 20-21, you run through memorial park, which is a really popular hike-and-bike trail here in town. They've been doing a ton of work there the last couple of years, renovating the golf course and building some new tunnels that we got to actually run through (was pretty neat). Mile 23 through the end has a couple of small hills, and like a million people all trying to give you beer and liquor. At mile 25, you enter downtown, make a few more turns, and then shoot straight down to the finish line.
I'm pretty happy to say that for the most part, those last 8 miles went smoothly. At mile 20, my left hamstring started to cramp up on me and I stopped for about 30 seconds to stretch it out. I have no idea how, but the stretching worked and it didn't give me any more problems the rest of the race. I gave back some time during this portion of the course, but was able to keep my feet moving the whole time. I took my third and final gel right around mile 21. As we entered downtown, I picked up the pace to about an 8 minute mile or so. About 100 yards from the finish, I made a kick for the finish and got to about 15 yards out before my right hammy decided to start seizing up, lol. I looked like an idiot, but I crossed the finish line and immediately pulled off to the side to stretch it out- all good. Came in at 3:43, avg of 8:30/mi.
Post Race - collected all my goodies, grabbed a banana and bottle of chocolate milk, met up with my family, got a large bucket of original recipe from KFC (which is easily my favorite post-race tradition), and spent the rest of the day just relaxing.
Still trying to decide where I want to go from here. Didn't realize it until looking this morning, but I missed a pr here by about 30 seconds- having finished just a hair faster back when I was 17yo in high school. Considering how much older and fatter I am nowadays, I'm pretty proud of that. 10/10 race day, will do again.
congrats to everyone else who ran this one yesterday, and thanks to EVERYONE who helped make this event so much fun, including the organizers and volunteers, as well as everyone who got locked in by the road closures. Ya'll rock.
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2022.01.17 13:45 HAYDURCHECK How many Nathan's 100% beef ballpark hotdogs do you bet that Owen isn't vegan by choice?

Guarantee our simp is only vegan because his fiance who pays all the bills is. And she totally didn't manipulate encourage him to do so.
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go go go
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As title states I have a small lot I’m looking to move for my wants. Due to a recent winter storm, it may take me a few days to ship out, if we make a deal, I will inform when I’m shipping. Not looking for PayPal at the moment.
LIST- 1x Baronne De Fleur 1x Lightning Storm-KICO 1x Destiny Hero-Dasher 3x Forbidden Droplet 3x Pot of Prosperity 2x Baxia-DUEA
Small Lot
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Right now , I am running my 2001 MIM Fender Strat into a Orange CR60C. However, I’m not getting the sound I want out of it. My neck pickup just sort of feels weak , and when I turn my gain up or switch on a overdrive pedal everything begins to sound messy and overly bassy. With context given , I proceed with two questions. What do I upgrade first? (amp, or guitar pickups) What should I be going for in terms of EQ to get that perfect strat tone?
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I play Titan quest on android, and I have a problem with assigning default attack on action button. Its the button just below normal attack. I can assign spels, I just hold empty slot. But it does not work on passive spels wich should be assigned as default attack. I have OnePlus 8t. Please help.
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Please don't tell my family that I steal family members and friends panties and pretend I am a girl while I talk to men online. Please, I'll do anything so you won't tell.
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2022.01.17 13:45 heelspider Wait, the dog was at the fire pit when the bones were found after all? The bone discovery makes no sense.

I had always thought that the bone discovery story was that once the dog had been removed, Jost concluded that the fire pit should be searched again. But I notice his report doesn't actually say the dog had been removed.
But he does go out of his way to have a flashback sequence in his report, recalling the things he observed about the dog on the previous day. Then he describes all the things he observed on the present day and there was no mention of the dog.
The reason I bring this is up is I just reread Sturdivant's testimony. He places the dog still there and acting aggressively during the time the bones were first discovered (around 1:30) but removed by the time the Crime Lab got there (3:00), with no specific recollection of the removal.
Also, as far as I can tell, nobody present when the bones were discovered testified at all.
At first I thought maybe Sturdivant was mistaken, that he had recalled the dog being there at some earlier time, and got the recollections confused. But if you read his testimony, that was his first day at the ASY and was assigned another task prior to responding to the burn pit. So that was his first time there, and no other opportunity to have seen the dog.
So can anyone make sense of this? Why would Jost describe the dog as a recollection from the previous day when it was right there the whole time? And if his theory was the dog was preventing a thorough investigation, why wasn't it removed before making that further investigation? How did they discover bone there with the dog present if the dog being present is what was preventing them from finding it in the first place. And why was a bone eight feet south of the fire pit to begin with?
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2022.01.17 13:45 ventrue_Vtm22 I've been playing a campaign for little over 3 years now. our Storyteller wants us to add some fresh ideas. I'll add background but my question for you guys as well what would you do to spice your game up after 3 years and what do you think of the campaign

Essentially all of us were noobs at the beginning and we took it slow where are the group of4 me and my other friend where are thin Bloods and the other two people in the party were a bruja and Toreador.
Essentially the first Arc was figuring out what we wanted to do more siding with the Camarila for a good year we masqueraded with werewolves how to deal with the anarch movement climbing the political ladder
My Storyteller wanted to stay really close to the storyline or timeline of vtm a dart game took place in the 1960s for the first era so the Vietnam War was the thing that ended up taking us into the second our cuz all our characters got staked and woke up in Hong Kong in 1985
Long story short we ended up having to deal with the Asian vampires sorry I forget the name at the moment but I know they're just different with their abilities we ended up just stabilizing that specific group of vampires in Hong Kong and Japan being able to finally return to San Francisco
For the third Ark before he asked us to spice it up me and my friend who was also a thin blood got pretty bored and decided to look up the rules and different things we could do in the game or ADD
we proceeded to cause a war with werewolves and I asked a the Storyteller if I could find any really strong or low generation Gangrel I essentially told him I wanted to find Odin the all high I'm pretty much that has become my character's long-term goal leading into the 4th Arc but he has now ran out of ideas for the other players I want them to spice it up
There's a lot of detail missing and I really just highlighted the moral as bulletin points cuz we kind of went through all the tropes and basic stuff
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2022.01.17 13:45 MarkyRust Scavs changes

- Should only spawn with 15min left OR all pmcs gone. Scavs should be what they are supposed to be SCAVENGERS. Nothing more lame than a trio scav players rushing you with 12g and sa58
- Lower rep with fence gives you less chance for better spawn but you still can kill scav players just looting and doing what they're supposed to be. You should get targeted as SOON as you shoot a scav or player scav, anywhere on the map, doesn't matter if scavs didn't see you. If you're negative fence rep, you should get shot at when starting a scav raid. Meaning you would need to extract with scavs on your pmc to boost your rep and then have the ability to scav without getting shot at again.

With how hardcore this game is, there shouldn't be a scav at all in my opinion. I basically get a free raid every 15min. I kill 1-2 pmcs in EVERY SINGLE one of my scav raids. And if I die, doesn't matter on the long run, havent lost anything
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